MLP Wave 13 Blind Bag Box
...That is the question. Right, time for a little bit of intro for this weird title: The Wave 13 blind bags have been released in Europe, which is of course great news. And as you might have read in the past half year or so, blind bags are now being released with see-through plastic windows in the back of the bag so you can spot the contents.
Strangely enough, some European released boxes of Wave 13 blind bags contain bags without any see-through plastic, while some others do. It could be that the non-clear bags are simply production errors, or that the first (few) production runs didn't punch holes in the plastic and that in later releases this was fixed (we would have to check production codes for that).
What we do know is that by far most of the releases in other countries have clear windows, so it's most probably that they are supposed to have the windows. If you spot blind bags without a clear window you can use the Wave 13 blind bag codes and this technique to predict the contents of the bags.
Thanks to Ayu for the info!
MLP Wave 13 Blind Bag Non-Clear BagMLP Wave 13 Blind Bag Clear Bag


  1. well they are already in canada too!

  2. We have wave 13 blind bags here in the United states but only target and toys r us has them I'm hoping walmart gets them in very soon.

  3. Aaaaaand I finally got them at my target in Missouri yesterday. uggggghhhhh!

  4. When is the app going to be updated with the codes? I like using the app as a check list for what I have as well.

    1. We hope to have it updated within a few days! Sorry for the delay