New Discord Flutter On Figures
Great news for those who pre-ordered the Discord Flutter On figures and were still waiting for the figure after the damage incident: The newly designed figures will start to ship next month around October 28 - November 6! Discord and Fluttershy have been redesigned, and as you can see in the comparison below the new figure has some more show-accurate colors, plus better shading for Discord. Besides that the figure has been molded a bit differently with what seems less detail in some places, but this might have been done to make it less fragile.
What WeLoveFine didn't announce, but was added to the figure, is a special gold coin that comes with all new pre-ordered figures. All figures still come in a specially designed box with included certificate of authenticity like originally announced.
After all the trouble with this figure it's unsure whether WeLoveFine has only produced figures for the group that pre-ordered it, or that the new figure will be available on the website as well, but we'll see more about that after the release next month.

New Discord Flutter On Figures Comparison

New Discord Flutter On FigureNew Discord Flutter On Figures Coin


  1. This is a cool figure. I would like to get it for my vinyl collection. This is vinyl right?

  2. It's a cool looking figurine but it's to expensive for my taste.

  3. is it for sale already?! does anyone know where can I buy i?!

    1. This figure was limited to 1200 figures, and all were sold (and eventually recreated for those who pre-ordered the damaged figures)