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Celebrate the 4th of July With Our $14 T-Shirt Sale!
Right now you can find a huge sale over on our MLP Tee Store on TeePublic with t-shirts for $14 and tons of other discounted items! Just for the occasion Ilona added 6 new neon designs of the Mane 6 Cutie Marks, as well as several other designs that have recently been added.
Aside from clothing you can also find wall art, mugs and phone cases in our MLP Tee Store.

Discord Now Available in MLP Magazines
The latest edition of My Little Pony magazines around Europe are bundled with a Discord figure. The famous Magazine Figures are known for their quality and likeliness to the original show artwork, because freebies shouldn't mean they're cheaply made.
For now both submits have come from France, but we know that the magazine figures will also be available in the UK and Poland at some point.
So, if you live in one of these countries (or somewhere where you can get the magazines), then don't forget to pick up this months issue!
Thanks to ooneptuneoo and Nicolas for the images!

MLP Friends Forever #35 Comic by IDW Regular Cover by Tony Fleecs
And last solicitations for 2016 have arrived. Next month we'll get to see what 2017 has to offer. Anyways as always a new issue of the Friendship is Magic Series has been announced together with a new Friends Forever one. Have all the information and covers below!


MLP Friendship is Magic Comic #48 by IDW RI Cover by Matt Frank
Seems like I skipped over last month. Whoops... Anyway IDW just announced their MLP Comics for November this year. A total of two to be exact. Have all the information below!

MLP Discord Magazine Figure Announcement
Some of the current European MLP Magazine come with a free Princess Cadance Figure as we posted here. It's always a wild guess in my opinion who will be the next one but we have the answer for you! This time it isn't exaclty a pony who's included: Discord, the master of chaos himself. His issue will be released this October.

Thanks a lot to Neptune for providing the image!

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It been some weeks after the San Diego Comic Con, but for those who didn't had the chance to attend the convention now have the chance to get the exclusive Discord and Fluttershy anyway as it's been listed on the HasbroToysShop website. If you prefer Amazon you can also order them there but the price is currently higher there.


MLP Friendship is Magic 44 Comic by IDW Regular Cover by Tony FleecsMLP Friendship is Magic 44 Comic by IDW Retailer Incentive Cover by Sara Richard
Today the 44th issue of the Friendship is Magic Series comics has been released. This issue contains the second part of the "Ponies of Dark Water" Story arc. It's written by Thom Zahler and the artist is Tony Fleecs. A total of 6 covers are available. What's interesting is that the Fried Pie one has changed as it was Sunset Shimmer before but the final version shows Starlight Glimmer in her place. The covers are:

MLP Discord Guardians of Harmony Fan Series Figure
Seems like a lot of new items are on sale on Amazon right now including the Guardians of Harmony Discord and Celestia figures but several new Explore Equestria items as well. Have all the listings below with their old and new prices.

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MLP Merch Poll #88MLP Merch Poll #87 Results
Last week we asked you which MLP:FiM logo you liked the most: the current one, supposedly new logo or the official MLP movie logo? Apparently the new logo would be a good move by Hasbro, as almost 40% of the votes were for the new one! However, the current logo is still popular, with 30% of the votes. That leaves the movie logo in 3rd place, with 17%. Another 13% couldn't choose a favorite, and 2% didn't actually like any of them.

MLP Guardians of Harmony Discord Figure
Great news for those who are waiting for the Guardians of Harmony figures. It turns out that Discord is already available on Amazon and you can order him for $29.99. The others will probably be listed soon as well. We'll keep you updated!

Listing: Guardians of Harmony Discord Figure -  $29.99