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MLP Welovefine Series 2 Fan Voted Collection Chibi Figuresa
Welovefine already teased that these would be for pre-sale this Thursday but they went available for pre-order when we were both sleeping so thats why we post them now.
So you can pre-order them now. Fluttershy, Lyra, Octavia, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna can be ordered separately and Rainbow Dash is only available for those who order the whole set.

They are $15 each and the whole set will cost $90. They will be released on October 11, 2016

You can pre-order them here!

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MLP Series 2 Chibi Vinyl Figures by Welovefine
At the start of this year Welovefine held a poll of which ponies you would like to see made in the second set of the MLP Chibi figure line. The winners turned out to be Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, Fluttershy and Lyra. But as we can see in the preview a total of six ponies will be included in the second series which will be called the "Fan Series" this includes all of the ones you could vote one (with the exception of Trixie)

Welovefine has announced that the pre-sale for these will start this Thursday so mark your calendars if you want to get these. As for those who still need the first ones, they are on sale now and you can get the full series for only $100 at the moment. You can find all the information here.

MLP WeLoveFine Series 2 Chibi Vinyl Figure Poll Winners
About two weeks ago WeLoveFine held a poll where you could vote who you wanted to see as part of the Series 2 Chibi Vinyl Figures including Applejack. You could vote for: Fluttershy, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Octavia, Rainbow Dash, Trixie and Lyra. Now the results are officially announced and the winners are: Princess Luna with 20% of the votes. Princess Celestia with 15% of the votes and Lyra and Fluttershy who both got 14%.

Now all these will be part of the Series 2 "Fan Voted" collection. However there are rumors the others will still be made as well but they will be part of the upcoming series 3. We let you know once the prototypes of these four will be revealed and when they're available for pre-order.

MLP Merch Poll #65MLP Merch Poll #64 Results
Last week we asked you which characters should be featured as Equestria Girls Mini figures in the future. This is the first time (as far as I remember) that every option got a decent amount of votes: every character got at least 7%! But there can only be one winner, and that is (or are, actually) The Shadowbolts! They're followed by Sonata Dusk (who got more that double to votes of Aria) and Principal Luna. Flash Sentry and Octavia were also popular, leaving Principal Cadance and Aria Blaze as the bottom two, but still with a respectable vote count.

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Discord Flutter On Vinyl Figures Available in Limited Stock
WeLoveFine announced that the Discord Flutter On vinyl figures are in stock on their website. These are the only figures left from the total of 1400 ever made, a no new statues will ever be made. Originally the set was only 1200 figures large, but after the shipping incident, breaking the majority of the figures, they decided to make a larger set to be on the safe side. People also had the option to exchange their original pre-order for cash, which resulted in more left over figures.
The figures started shipping late 2015 and this is the first (and last) time they're available after the pre-orders.
The price is set at $160, and the figure will come with it's own exclusive box and certificate of authenticity, but without the pre-order exclusive coin. You can order the figure on the WeLoveFine website.

MLP Welovefine Chibi Figures Voting for next wave
I think we can safely say that the first wave of the MLP Chibi figures by Welovefine were a huge success. After the first ones and Applejack even more are going to be made. A total of four to be exact. But you can decide who it will be as Welovefine made it possible for you to select who you want to see next. A total of seven have been designed but only four of them will be made. You can vote until January 16, 2016. The ponies which you can vote on are:

  • Rainbow Dash
  • Princess Luna
  • Fluttershy
  • Octavia
  • Trixie
  • Princess Celestia
  • Lyra

Do you want to vote? Click here.

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MLP WeLoveFine Chibi Vinyl Figures
Last weekend we got the news that the WeLoveFine Chibi figures were finally shipping out. But at the same time they also disappeared from the website. The reason for this was the fact that WeLoveFine wanted to ship out all the pre-orders before making them available again. Lot's of people got their figures this week.

But today WeLoveFine announced that they are all back on the WLF website and ready to be ordered again. They cost $15.00 and you can order them all here. Applejack will arrive later in February.

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MLP Chibi Vinyl Figures by WeLoveFine
Good news for those who've pre-ordered the MLP Chibi Figures by Welovefine some months ago. An E-mail was sent out about 2 days ago reporting that the Chibis are now finally started to ship. So for those who ordered one it should now be on it's way. For some reason these are now gone from the WLF website with the exception of Applejack. She will arrive in February 2016.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up!

MLP Nightmare Moon Knit Cardigan by WeLoveFineMLP Nightmare Moon Knit Cardigan by WeLoveFine
Some new clothing has popped up. WeLoveFine has listed two new items for you to wear. The first one is an awesome looking Knit Sweater with Nightmare Moon on it and the second item is a jacket covered in Ponies. The sweater cost $55.00 and you can order the jacket one for $45.00 The Jacket is available in sizes XS - 3XL and the Sweater is available in size S til 3XL. Have the listings below!

New Discord Flutter On Figures
Great news for those who pre-ordered the Discord Flutter On figures and were still waiting for the figure after the damage incident: The newly designed figures will start to ship next month around October 28 - November 6! Discord and Fluttershy have been redesigned, and as you can see in the comparison below the new figure has some more show-accurate colors, plus better shading for Discord. Besides that the figure has been molded a bit differently with what seems less detail in some places, but this might have been done to make it less fragile.
What WeLoveFine didn't announce, but was added to the figure, is a special gold coin that comes with all new pre-ordered figures. All figures still come in a specially designed box with included certificate of authenticity like originally announced.
After all the trouble with this figure it's unsure whether WeLoveFine has only produced figures for the group that pre-ordered it, or that the new figure will be available on the website as well, but we'll see more about that after the release next month.