MLP All About MLP Merch Amy as a Playskool Pony
The first Playskool ponies have already been released for some months and by the looks of it we will receive some new sets! Entertainment Earth has just listed some new Playskool items. The first is a 4-pack which includes Bumblesweet, Daisy Dreams, Minty and Applejack. It's unsure if these are just the four we already got or that some new molds have been made. The second listing is a 3-pack with Pinkie Pie, Starsong and Applejack Bath Squirters. Both items will be available this November.

Besides the Playskool listings, Entertainment Earth has also listed some listings for the possible Equestria Girls Minis who got revealed during the NYCC 2015. The listing says they are 4,5 inches tall. 

The first one are the Friendship Packs. According to the listing wave 1 consist of Applejack and Rarity who are both individually packaged and they come with some small accessories. The second listing is about a sleepover Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle and the third listing is quite interesting as it's about a Fluttershy figure which comes with a Table, chairs, food and additional apparel. She's showing her "school spirit" with a special outfit. The listing says they will be available this December.
And at last it seems like Entertainment Earth has listed the possible Wave 15 Blind Bags. Again much like the above listings none of them has images yet and because of that we don't know any of the possible gimmicks these ones might have. We can however speculate about the possible chase figures for this wave as the previous two we're all about the first wave of the Friendship is Magic Collection. The second wave will be themed around Pinkie Pie. Does this mean this wave chase figures will focus on Pinkie Pie as well? We can only speculate so far! They should be available this November.


  1. Seems like they continue for blindbags the way they did since they started the FIM collection, I bet the next after Pinkie Pie will be Rarity themed considering that the 3rd FIM collection seems to be Manehattan centered.

  2. Astranova/Vanilla ChipsOctober 15, 2015 3:19 PM

    Yay, Starsong!!! By the way Ilona, I love your Playskool Amy pic xD

  3. I love the playschool Amy she is really cute : )

  4. Finally wave 15 blind bags yay i can't wait till i get a case!

  5. There also looks to be a set of "Everyday" versions of the EG minis. From the description it sounds like they are the 6 dolls seen in the teaser pic.