MLP Friendship is Magic Collection Maud Pie, Pinkie Pie, Mr Carrot Cake and Twilight Sparkle Single Story Packs
Entertainment Earth has listed four Single Story Packs for the second wave of the Friendship is Magic Collection. As expected it will be related to Pinkie Pie. As you can see the Pinkie Pie we spotted some weeks ago is also included with a hat. We also see Maud Pie finally in packaging and by the looks of it she comes with a different Gummy than the one we found days ago. A Mr. Carrot Cake is also included just like a Twilight Sparkle with an umbrella hat. (Who for some reason, has turned back into a unicorn...)

You can order this set from Entertainment Earth for $15.99 According to the listing they will be available this November.


  1. I want them all even twilight sparkle with the cute umbrella ❤

  2. Uuu.. I want them.
    I think that Twilight is based on episode Feeling Pinkie Keen.

    1. Yup! She is. I REALLY want Pinkie and Maud, but does anypony notice that the back/ side of her hair looks messed up a bit?

    2. It's so Gummy can hook onto her hair I think ^_^

  3. These single friendship is magic collection packs aren't available till November i hope walmart gets these in next month