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EXCLUSIVE: Images of Wave 23 MLP Blind Bags
If there's one thing that's not going to end any time soon it has to be My Little Pony blind bags. We've already reached the announcement of Wave 23. According to the packaging it's planned to come out in 2018, so expect to wait a few months for these, but it'll be worth the wait!
Why? Well the huge amount of great characters! Cheerilee, Princess Cadance, Cheese Sandwich, Snips, Snails, Baby Flurry Heart and I can keep going on. Five of the characters will get the chase-treatment of large glitters in their manes, as with the previous Wave 21 and Wave 22 sets.

Below we have a full list of characters with images and names. It's a bit too early for codes, but we'll be sure to post about that once we're certain.

Wave 18 Blind Bags Spotted + CODES!
After some early scoops on new blind bags we can finally confirm what Wave 18 looks like! The wave has been announced and the main line of figures have embedded glitter, some of them with a more gold-ish tint. The chase figures are still in line with the Nightmare Night theme, which includes Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Raven Inkwell, Minuette and Sprinkle Medley. The core of this wave consists of Wave 8 re-release figures, but there have been several changes, for example: Flim and Flam are not included in this wave.
Below we have a group shot of all ponies, including their blind bag codes. You can get a closer look at the figures in our MLP Blind Bag Database.

MLP New Blind Bags
A lot of new Blind Bags have been spotted on Taobao. First of all we get a look at the Nightmare Night Themed Mr. Carrot Cake but then we also got a bunch of new characters. You can find them all below. (with the exception of Fancy Pants which you can see in the image above) What's interesting is that almost all of these are Rarity related or they aired in an episode where Rarity was present. This could indicate that they are perhaps the chase figures of Wave 18 which is combined with the Rarity Friendship is Magic Collection set. Still that's just speculation for now but a lot of Rarity Themed Amazon listings have appeared on Amazon lately. (here and here)

You can find all the Blind Bags below and we also included their Animation Counterpart to make it more easier to ID them.

Nightmare Night FiM Collection Announced
After Pinkie Pie it was a bit of guessing which theme would be next for the Friendship is Magic Collection. We already got some Amazon listing of Nightmare Night related merch some time ago but it's now confirmed that these will be part of the FiM Collection line. We will like was listed, get a Nightmare Night Chariot with a Batwinged Pegasus figure. Have all the listings below.

MLP Pinkie Pie Friendship is Magic Collection Commercial
Looks like a new commercial has been released and this time it's for the Pinkie Pie Friendship is Magic Collection. Even though this wave got released some weeks ago it seems like the commercials has just popped up. But I bet this is actually quite normal as we've seen it happen before.

You can watch the commercial below.

Pinkie Pie Friendship is Magic Collection
Even before we had the chance to get official stock images, the latest Friendship is Magic collection revolving around Pinkie Pie has been released at Target and Toys"R"Us!
All the regular packs have been found in these stores, except for the Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe playset. We hope to see some online listings soon, but for now you can find them at Target and Toys"R"Us, but this may vary per region.
Prices are equal to the original Applejack FiM Collection:
- Single Story Pack $2.99
- Small Story Pack $4.99
- Large Story Pack $9.99
- Ultimate Story Pack $21.99 (not confirmed yet)

Thanks to PixelKitties for the info and images!

MLP Friendship is Magic Collection Maud Pie, Pinkie Pie, Mr Carrot Cake and Twilight Sparkle Single Story Packs
Entertainment Earth has listed four Single Story Packs for the second wave of the Friendship is Magic Collection. As expected it will be related to Pinkie Pie. As you can see the Pinkie Pie we spotted some weeks ago is also included with a hat. We also see Maud Pie finally in packaging and by the looks of it she comes with a different Gummy than the one we found days ago. A Mr. Carrot Cake is also included just like a Twilight Sparkle with an umbrella hat. (Who for some reason, has turned back into a unicorn...)

You can order this set from Entertainment Earth for $15.99 According to the listing they will be available this November.

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MLP Friends Forever Comic #19 Subscription Cover by Brenda HickeyMLP Friends Forever Comic #19 Cover by Amy Mebberson
And since yesterday the Friends Forever #19 has been released. This comic centers around Rarity and the Cake Family. There are a total of 2 covers again for this issue. The regular variant by Amy Mebberson and the Subscription variant made by Brenda Hickey

MLP Friends Forever #19 Comic

Rarity has a genius idea to expand the Cake’s business! However, Rarity’s big dreams may overtake the Cake’s sanity before the new venture can even get off the ground!

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My Little Pony Friends Forever Paperback Volume 5
And the next paperback from the Friends Forever comic line has been announced. Well, it has been spotted on Amazon and you can pre-order it now. Like I mentioned in the title this is already the 5th of the Friends Forever paperback series. It contains Friends Forever #17 - #20 and you can pre-order it for $17.99. It will be released December 17, 2015.

Friends Forever Paperback Volume 5 - $17.99

Twilight Sparkle looks to Big Mac to help her feel less stressed out. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy head to the Cloudsdale school reunion. Rarity has a genius idea to help the Cake's business. And, Princess Luna tries to help Discord with his sleep problems. Collects issues #17-20.
  • Paperback: 104 pages
  • Publisher: IDW Publishing (December 17, 2015)
  • Language: English

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MLP IDW Friends Forever #19 Cover by Amy Mebberson
And a new Friends Forever comic has been announced as well! This time we the comic will focus on Rarity and the Cake Family. Sounds fun to me! The writer for this issue is Christina Rice and the artist wil be Brenda Hickey. The cover is designed by Amy Mebberson.

Synopsis:  Rarity has a genius idea to expand the Cake's business! However, Rarity's big dreams may overtake the Cake's sanity before the new venture can even get off the ground!