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Rolling Sweets Cart Set Released as Kohl's Exclusive
The Rolling Sweets Cart set was actually found three months ago on Taobao, complete with Kohl's Exclusive sticker and all information. But now this set is actually popping up in Kohl's stores around the US! Sadly the set will cost you $34.99, which is quite an amount, especially if you're just looking for one or two of the ponies. However, if you like the ponies, cart and accessories all together, this might be a nice set for you to own (it's also one of the largest non-castle boxes I've seen).
We expect that this is one of the last Cutie Mark Magic sets to be released in stores, as Explore Equestria will soon take its place in stores.
Thanks to Lauren for the photo!

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  1. I would love this set i don't have Applebloom sweetie belle or pinkie pie yet I'm definitely going to buy this set!