4th Dimension Entertainment Rarity Plush
As promised by 4DE 2 weeks ago, the first series of My Little Pony plushies have started shipping. They've released a photo on their Twitter page with boxes of Rarity plushies from the company.
As updated in our countdown announcement post, the first series of plushies that ship consists of Twilight unicorn/alicorn open wings/alicorn closed wings, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack & Dr. Whooves classic eyes/cool eyes.
People who pre-ordered through an online store like Entertainment Earth or BigBadToyStore might need to wait a little longer as they need to process the plushies first.


  1. I preordered from Toywiz. Today they sent me a email saying, that it is being shipped. I can't wait.

  2. They altready started shipping ages ago for non-US orders, though most plushies seem defective and derping, not to mention they changed the material which becomes noticeable when touching them and then their old plushies.
    Rarity looks very grumpy with the upside down mouth.

    1. Are those your plushies you ordered from them? I ask because 4DE did have quality control issues with these and did not like the way they originally turned out which was one reason for the delay. I'm curious to know why they would make us USA customers wait over a year for them if they were already made.

    2. They were ordered for a friend and already shipped at the beginning of the month.
      I don't know how it was at fault but it seems there was a legal dispute with the shipping company in China (I guess because of the huge amount that should have been shipped within a short time) and it is not uncommon not being allowed to speak public about issues when being in lawsuit regarding a contract.

  3. I got my cool eyes Doctor Whooves today. He is awesome. He is the most show accurate plush that I have. I discovered that the tie/collar thing has a Velcro so you can take it off. He is as big as a normal size funrise pony. I'm kind of glad he is not as big as a build a bear pony (as much as I like my build a bear Fluttershy, sometimes I think she is too big. But, when build a bear Derpy comes back, the size won't stop me from ordering her). He is very soft. I like to think that it took him a long time to come, was because he went on a time and space adventure (it almost feels like season 5 episode 1). One thing that I don't like about the Doctor Whooves plush, is how they sewed the tie only at the top part of the white collar. I feel that if a little kid was playing with it it could tear off really easily. They should of sewed the tie at the bottom part too. I'll have a or post some pictures of him sometime.