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Last week we asked you whether you have any My Little Pony apparel. By far the most of you have official MLP apparel (almost 70%), 28% of those also own fan-made apparel and another 5% own only fan-made apparel. 8% of you are going to buy something in the future and the final 18% does not own or want any MLP-related clothing.

Explore Equestria merch has been announced for a little while, and the Cutie Mark Magic era is about to end. Therefor, this week we'd like to know what your overall thoughts about Cutie Mark Magic are.
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  1. There were roughly five new brushable pony characters across the whole line. That's not a great number.

  2. they should maybe make a background ponys line

  3. 5 new background ponies how come no one told me this!!!!!!