MLP Wave 15 Blind Bags
ToyWiz has listed the Wave 15 Blind Bags and included an image of the box itself. We already know 6 of wave 15 ones but now we can take a look at them all. Still it's kinda hard to see who are actually included but by the looks of it it's a re-release of the wave 5 ones. Still there's a change some of them are a bit altered like Flippity Flop who has red hair now instead of pink. No chase figures are included as well.

This set will be released this January. You can find the listing here. The codes below are most likely the actual codes. Funny thing is the fact that the order is almost the same as those of wave 5 with the exception of some of the Mane Six who weren't included in Wave 5.

  • AA - Twilight Sparkle
  • AB - Rainbow Dash
  • AC - Fluttershy
  • AD - Rarity
  • AE - Applejack
  • AF - Sunny Rays
  • AG - Junebug
  • AH - Breezie
  • AI - Island Rainbow
  • AK - Pinkie Pie
  • AL - Saphire Shores
  • AM - Flippity Flop
  • AN - Gardenia Glow
  • AO - Skywishes
  • AP - Trixie Lulamoon
  • AR - Diamond Rose
  • AS - Cinnamon Breeze
  • AT - Ploomette
  • AU - Golden Delicious
  • AV - Ribbon Wishes
  • AW - Forsythia
  • AX - Flitter Heart
  • AY - Rainbow Wishes
  • AZ - Lyra Heartstrings


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  2. Wanted to say that it really confuses me that Fluttershy and Twilight use the old molds.

    1. I think that is a pic of Sunny Rays and not Fluttershy. As for Twilight, I don't mind the old mold as I only have one. I'd like to pick up another older style.

    2. Never mind, I see what you mean now about Fluttershy. I got confused with Sunny Rays being a part of this release and her having the same mold and color design just a bit lighter.

    3. MintiCherriChocolateNovember 20, 2015 9:53 PM

      I believe it is because this is another re-release (Which I appriciate, I only recently started collecting and the first waves were my FAVORITES, thanks to the re-releases I have some of my favorites!) which is probably why they used the old molds. Then again, in the CMM re-release they used the new Twighly mold...Weird! And yes, I too mix up Sunny Rays and Fluttershy. And because of their names, I often confuse Honey Rays with Sunny Rays ;P

  3. I can't wait for the wave 15 blind bags i really want diamond rose and cinnamon breeze!

  4. Wave 5 has most of my favourite ponies, I'm so happy it is being rereleased. I didn't really start collecting until wave 6.

  5. So the only pony who goes with the theme will be Pinkie Pie (and in a way, Twilight Sparkle, because she's been released in FiM Collection story packs with this theme) and no Cake Family members or anyone? Or maybe they will be and it hasn't been revealed yet.

    1. Oh, and Cinnamon Breeze. She goes with the theme.

  6. So they're going back to the infamous Fluttershy as a recolour of Rainbow Dash or was that Sunny Rays there?

    1. Actually, I think that is Fluttershy. Sunny Rays has her own picture.

    2. Oh, maybe it is Sunny Rays. She has different shades of pink in her mane.

  7. Ponies they should add:
    Mr Cake
    Mrs Cake
    Cheese Sandwich
    Maud Pie

  8. If they're going to use the actual molded Fluttershy, Diamond Rose, Flitter Heart and Ploomette should be recolours of her. They are recolours of her on all the box art.

  9. Hello in my opinion I really dont like this wave at all, and I think that some of the people that like and follow blind bags of Ponies well determine that they well stop buying crap like this. We are in the year of 2015 almost 2016 and they want to release old molds that is simply Stupid...