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Discord Flutter On Vinyl Figures Available in Limited Stock
WeLoveFine announced that the Discord Flutter On vinyl figures are in stock on their website. These are the only figures left from the total of 1400 ever made, a no new statues will ever be made. Originally the set was only 1200 figures large, but after the shipping incident, breaking the majority of the figures, they decided to make a larger set to be on the safe side. People also had the option to exchange their original pre-order for cash, which resulted in more left over figures.
The figures started shipping late 2015 and this is the first (and last) time they're available after the pre-orders.
The price is set at $160, and the figure will come with it's own exclusive box and certificate of authenticity, but without the pre-order exclusive coin. You can order the figure on the WeLoveFine website.

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