Wave 15 Blind Bags Spotted + CodesWave 15 Blind Bags Spotted + Codes
The first wave 15 blind bags have been spotted in presumably the southern of Europe (France/Spain/Portugal). Someone by the name of mlpbatman posted these images online, showing the bag and card design. As mentioned before, wave 15 is a re-release of wave 5, with the princesses replaced by the other mane 6 members.
With this card we can now safely conclude the blind bag codes, which matches our initial code list. At this moment it's unsure whether this wave has the viewing window or not. The release date is set for January 2016, but this may vary per country and store.
Thanks to mlpbatman and Eclipsed Flame for the info!

Below is the Wave 15 blind bags code list, based on the pony order:
AA - Twilight Sparkle (Unicorn)
AB - Rainbow Dash
AC - Fluttershy
AD - Rarity
AE - Applejack
AF - Sunny Rays
AG - Junebug
AH - Breezie Flora (formerly known as Breezie)
AI - Sunset Rainbow (formerly known as Island Rainbow)
AK - Pinkie Pie
AL - Sapphire Shores
AM - Flippity Flop
AN - Gardenia Glow
AO - Skywishes
AP - Trixie Lulamoon
AR - Diamond Rose
AS - Cinnamon Breeze
AT - Ploomette
AU - Golden Delicious
AV - Ribbon Wishes
AW - Forsythia
AX - Flitterheart
AY - Rainbow Wishes
AZ - Lyra heartstrings


  1. Why did they name another one, a female this time, Golden Delicious? Couldn't they have gone with the show name Goldie Delicious? How odd.

  2. What happened to this series ? shouldn't there be chaser figures ?

    1. No there are no chaser figures in wave 15.

    2. there is chase figures, the first five in the set or the mane six minus pinkie come with a glitter strip in their hair, i guess those five are the chase figures

  3. It look like the first five (the main six without Pinkie Pie) will have a glitter stripe in their hair. I noticed the stripe on the card. And I saw these ponies on ebay some time ago.

    1. Oh yeah! I remember seeing those on eBay and thinking they were the result of some silly factory worker having some fun. Granted, I thought the same thing about the very first Rainbow Power toy. >_>

  4. I can't wait till wave 15 comes out I'm saving up to buy the whole case!

  5. Why fluttershy is on a mold of rainbowdash?

    1. That is as it was in wave 5, and they, just like Twilight Sparkle, didn't change that.

    2. But they changed it from Wave 1 to Wave 12. Also, I sent Hasbro an email about it.

    3. They're probably gonna delete your email and mark it as "Unread", just like they did with that little girls fanmail to them.