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Wave 15 Blind Bags Spotted + CodesWave 15 Blind Bags Spotted + Codes
The first wave 15 blind bags have been spotted in presumably the southern of Europe (France/Spain/Portugal). Someone by the name of mlpbatman posted these images online, showing the bag and card design. As mentioned before, wave 15 is a re-release of wave 5, with the princesses replaced by the other mane 6 members.
With this card we can now safely conclude the blind bag codes, which matches our initial code list. At this moment it's unsure whether this wave has the viewing window or not. The release date is set for January 2016, but this may vary per country and store.
Thanks to mlpbatman and Eclipsed Flame for the info!

MLP Wave 15 Blind Bags
Yesterday we reported that Entertainment Earth has listed two listings for possible Wave 15 Blind Bags. This has now been confirmed as the listings have received images. By the looks of it this will be a re-release of the Wave 5 Blind Bags. However some of them are looking a bit different in the image then their previous release. For example by the looks of it Flippity Flop has now more red-like hair then pink and Sapphire Shores has no white in her hair. No word on the chase figures yet. We have to wait for the whole set to be revealed but that probably won't take long.

Thanks to Vinicius for the heads up!