MLP #savethefunkoponies Petition
Ossie and I are both fans of the Funko MLP Line and I’m sure many others are as well. However it seems like Funko has stopped producing these most likely because the fact that the last waves didn’t sell well. What’s also sad is that there were some very amazing Prototypes for the Queen Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon Vinyls and I think it will be very sad if these will never be produced after all because I’m sure these would be a great hit!

Now one of our friends Aquatic Neon has made a petition to tell Funko that we still care about the MLP Vinyl line. If you want this line to continue, please sign the petition! And maybe Funko will at least release NMM and Queen Chrysalis.

You can sign the petition here!


  1. The problem is that Funko only continued to produce them for Hot Topic and they dumped MLP as whole because, apparently, it "new" enough for them anymore.

  2. This is quite sad. I was really looking forward to getting both Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis. I did try my luck the other day and bought one of the Funko Mystery Mini boxes and got Nightmare Moon. So if they do decide not to produce the larger size ones, I am happy with having the mini versions.

  3. I submitted this to Equestria Daily. Hopefully they'll see it soon and spread the word on what's happening!

  4. Signing. I really want Nightmare Moon and other ponies. I think they just made too many of the CMC's, but any other character besides Maud sells out elsewhere :/

  5. I would sign the petition but it seems like they want a lot of my personal info. I don't want all of my stuff to get stolen so that is the only reason why I am NOT signing!!!

  6. See a big Funko? Buy it - that's the only way you'll show them that the demand is there. I'd love to see Chryssy and NMM too, but unless they know that it's going to be worth their while then it ain't gonna happen.

    Meanwhile, the market will continue to be flooded with those bloody awful Funko Pop! figures.

    1. They don't make those anymore since ages either, they stopped making new MLP products as whole a long time ago, the emoji ones were the last ones and two Hikari RD figures got canceled because they don't sell (whoever thought it was a good idea to sell billion RD recolors needs to get fired).

  7. No I love Funko's ponies!!!! I wanted a starlight Glimmer and Coloratura.

  8. I've been waiting for NMM and Chrysaliss for ages ! Do you know how much it costs to buy a celestia or luna now ? Up to $100. Of course the latest didn't sell that well .. seriously .. maud pie and cheese sandwich ? What did they expect.

  9. They made the Cutie Mark Crusaders then RIGHT after they got their cutie marks.
    Maud and Cheese Sandwich may be fan favorites, but Cheese Sandwich appeared in one episode and Maud hasn't really been back much.
    I honestly think if sales have dropped it's from a combination of Hot Topic dropping them and the fact that the last two releases just weren't the best, bad timing on CMC and the two fan favorites that have the least amount of air time...Gilda would have been a better choice just due to the fact that she'd be so much different than other figures and she's also much older (originating in Season 1)
    And all this right when they were about to do two of the best figures in the line as well :\