Integrity Toys Rarity and Applejack Dolls Up-Close
Just like last time, our noble submitter Victor bought the Integrity Toys dolls and took the time to get some neat pictures of them. This round Rarity and Applejack were available, which you can see all the images of below. The boxes themselves are still the same, apart from the vectors on the back, but the focus lies on the figures of course. The up-close photos should give you an idea of what the quality and level of detail is for both the figure and the clothing. These dolls don't come cheap at $130, but Integrity Toys really tried to create something unique here.
We know that the responses have been varied for these dolls, both regarding the design choices and the price, but at least you can get a good look on the dolls now without the need to purchase them!

Integrity Toys HEART MLP Applejack DollIntegrity Toys HEART MLP Applejack Doll

Integrity Toys HEART MLP Rarity DollIntegrity Toys HEART MLP Rarity Doll
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