MLP Teepublic Black Friday Sale
Teepublic is holding another sale again and this time it's because of Black Friday and the upcoming Cyber Monday. I hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving and scored perhaps some good stuff during Black Friday.

Anyway you can now get all tees for only $14 on Teepublic together with other great stuff that's for sale as well like Phone Cases, Mugs and many more! For the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon I also started to make some Pokémon designs but because this is MLP Merch I will only promote them once in this post and you also find these only on my personal Teepublic Store instead of the Merch store. Expect some more designs in the future but they won't be posted here. MLP only. :)

This sale will last till Tuesday.

Visit our Teepublic Merch Store here!

Visit my regular store here!

Pacific Glow
Starlight Glimmer
Sapphire Shores
Rarity Investigates Duo
Vapor Trail
MLP Teepublic Black Friday Sale


  1. really? is nopony gonna talk about these cool shirts?!?

    1. For some reason, clothing articles aren't popular I guess. That shouldn't matter as there are those of us who love MLP shirts (me for example, most of the time I usually buy any men's sized MLP shirts) and I love hearing about them. :)

      Ilona does some great work, I actually bought the Human Sunset Shimmer design back in the September sale. Love that shirt that I even bought an extra, even had it on yesterday. Pretty much the one shown here: http://www.mlpmerch.com/2016/09/teepublic-september-sale-lots-of-new-designs.html

      I love wearing MLP shirts, so I love hearing about them and seeing the designs.