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MLP Teepublic May Sale
Its that time again. All merchandise on Teepublic is now on sale and that means that all tees are now only $14! For the occasion I've managed to make three new designs, one of Pufferfish Spike for the upcoming Movie and two themed after Daybreaker. You can find the listings below!

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MLP Teepublic's April Sale
The April sale for Teepubic has arrived! As always all tees are now only $14 and all other kinds of merchandise offered are now on sale as well. Due large amounts of schoolwork the past weeks I haven't gotten much time to make some new designs but I wanted to design at least one new one so here's Captain Celaeno to join the other Movie Designs. The Storm King, Grubber and more will probably follow next month. You can find them all below!

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MLP Teepublic March Sale
It's been quite a while since we last posted about a Teepublic Sale. Part of the reason is that I haven't been making designs in a long time. Probably because I'm working hard on school and LPS Merch. Anyway now I'm back again and to celebrate the upcoming Movie I've made some movie-themed designs with the whole Mane-Six as Seaponies, but also designs of Tempest Shadow, Queen Novo and Princess Skystar. Some non-movie ones have also been made as well.

MLP Teepublic Black Friday Sale
Teepublic is holding another sale again and this time it's because of Black Friday and the upcoming Cyber Monday. I hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving and scored perhaps some good stuff during Black Friday.

Anyway you can now get all tees for only $14 on Teepublic together with other great stuff that's for sale as well like Phone Cases, Mugs and many more! For the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon I also started to make some Pokémon designs but because this is MLP Merch I will only promote them once in this post and you also find these only on my personal Teepublic Store instead of the Merch store. Expect some more designs in the future but they won't be posted here. MLP only. :)

This sale will last till Tuesday.

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Teepublic's Pre-Thanksgiving Sale
Teepublic's Pre-Thanksgiving Sale has arrived! From now till the end of the week you can all T-Shirts just for $14 each! But tees aren't the only thing that are on sale, Teepublic offers lots of other items as well like Mugs, Phone Cases and Prints. For the occasion I've also made some new designs related to the Season 6 Finale with "King" Thorax. More new designs will eventually follow so check out our store often for new designs. We've included the link to our Merch Page and specific listings below!

Visit our Teepublic Merch Store here!

MLP Teepublic September Sale
Teepublic is holding their monthly sale again and for the occasion I've made lots of new designs. All T-Shirts are now only $14 but they have other apparel and cool items on sale as well like mugs and phone cases. As always you can find the designs in our Teepublic Store. We'll also include a link to the new designs as well. You can find those below.

Visit our Teepublic Store here!

TeePublic June Sale: All MLP Shirts Now $14
Over at TeePublic our MLP shirts, designed by Ilona, are on sale for only $14 each! Of course other items like long-sleeve shirts, tank tops and iPhone Cases are also available for a much lower price, with the same awesome designs! New designs of Rarity, Trixie, Princess Ember and Saffron Masala have been added too. Check our store for all 47 MLP designs:

Browse our MLP Tee Store >


MLP Marble Pie Shirt Design by Ilona
At the moment Teepublic is holding their Pre-Thanksgiving sale on their website meaning all Tees are only $14 at the moment. Of course you can buy other things as well during the sale. This sale will end this Friday. The current pricing for the items are:

  • T-Shirts - $14
  • Tanks - $18
  • Kids Tees - $14
  • Hoodies - $35
  • Crew necks - $30
  • Prints and Canvas 25% Off
This sale came quite at a good time as I've finished 2 new designs yesterday. One of Marble Pie as seen above and a new one of Queen Chrysalis. You can get them both at our Teepublic store where you can find my other designs as well. If you can't find what you're looking for you don't have to worry as all the other designs on Teepublic are for sale as well!

You can find our Teepublic Store here

MLP MLPMerch Teepublic Store Designs
Teepublic is having a sale again and for the upcoming days all their regular T-Shirts are now only $14 each. We just opened up a Teepublic store for ourselves where you can get a lot of Ilona's designs. In the future we will even add some more MLPMerch exclusive ones featuring our mascot Amy. As for now, enjoy what we have. :) If you don't like the ones we've got: All the other Tees (including MLP ones) are also on sale.

Visit our store here! Have some examples below: