MLP 2017 Happy Meal Toys for New Zealand
Another year a new My Little Pony-Themed Happy Meal isn't it? 2016 isn't even over yet and here we already have the MLP Toys for 2017, well... for New Zealand that is. At the moment they have toys after the new "Sing" movie but next month it's pony time

As you can see we'll get a total of 5 ponies and one member of the mane six is missing... again *cough* But the ponies themselves also come with a little accessory, Fluttershy comes with a roll of stickers, Twilight Sparkle with a small book, Rarity with a small container I believe and Pinkie Pie with a Mirror, so far I don't see any gimmick accessory for Rainbow Dash but I could be wrong.

As for the other countries we haven't heard anything yet. I checked the US website but they say that Teen Titans Go! and Sweethearts Clip-Gloss will be next. But the distribution is often different between the different countries so it could be that they will be announced later as well.

Thanks to Railfan990 for the heads up!


  1. Oh come on! Are these guys for real? They kept out Applejack from the Happy Meal... AGAIN! Does Mcdonald really hate her?

  2. It looks like Rainbow Dash's stand is also a comb...

  3. The Sing promotion in America ends on January 9th so it's possible after TTG and the Sweethearts we can see new MLP toys in America. I also think those ones could be coming to America since those are unique molds and most of the time unique molds come from the American promotions from McDonalds and sometimes international McDonalds don't release the full line like for instance sometimes the international McDonalds only release 4 out of 8 characters from a MLP line so maybe those aren't all the characters? Maybe Applejack and two other characters are coming? We'll find out January 9th. But you would think Hasbro would put MLP back in around the time the movie came out? Maybe there will be TWO promotions this year?

  4. I can't wait for these cute mlp Happy meal toys to come to McDOnald's in the us i never had any mlp toys from there and i skipped out on last year's mlp happy meal ponies this is a perfect time for me to start collecting these :3

  5. I can't wait for these mlp happy meal toys to come out to bad I skipped out on last years pony happy meal toys now I'm so happy they're finally coming back!

  6. This Happy Meal set just got to Poland. Didn't get to see it in person yet, though here are the closeup pics from Polish McD's site: