Spike Magazine Figure Now Available in Europe
We're a bit late with the post (I'll blame the holidays for this one!), but we did want to get the info out any way: The free Spike figure is now available in European MLP magazines, so be sure to pick it up before the month is over!
Spike is the latest installment of Egmont's freebie magazine figure line, praised for their quality and show-accurateness. In 2017 the line will continue and start with a Baby Flurry Heart figure in February.
You can get the My Little Pony magazines in the UK, France, Russia, Poland, Romania and various other European countries.
Thanks to Pirill for the photos!

Spike Magazine Figure Now Available in EuropeSpike Magazine Figure Now Available in EuropeSpike Magazine Figure Now Available in Europe


  1. ahh yes i got him just a few days ago in the UK but also talking about these
    figures, i happen to have the discord one and have a good (hopefully) quality photo
    of him, should i send it to you guys :)

    1. ah yes i always get these magazines in ireland the figures are great :). They already have pictures of the discord figure here http://www.mlpmerch.com/2016/10/discord-now-available-in-mlp-magazines.html

  2. Sadly we don't have him in France since the magazine is out every two months

    1. OH :( well dont worry the figure isnt actually that great. It would be one of the worst ones in the magazine but its not too bad.