MLP Adagio Dazzle Equestria Girls Mini Figure
A lot of the new released merchandise is now also available on Amazon. For example we have almost all the Reboot Series Brushables and the Neon Rocking Equestria Girls Minis. Have all the listings below! They might sell out soon since they are new but if so expect them back in stock soon.

UPDATE: More new items have become available like the on-the-go purses, Spin-along Chariots, the Royal Friendship set with Applejack, Twilight Sparkle and Spike and some of the new 12 inch plush!

Reboot Series


  1. Great!! ^.^
    But, Again, Doesn't ship to Mexico...
    Well, I keep waiting.

  2. Yay! Got all 6 of the Equestria Girl Minis and the set with Princess Cadence, Shining Armor & Flurry Heart. Will be getting the other 2 sets (Fluttershy & Princess Celestia and Princess Twilight Sparkle, Spike, & Applejack)later. Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. Dude, why are most of those mini dolls already sold out. I hope it's not resellers buying them all up.

    1. There was a point in time earlier today they were. Trust me, I saw it.

  4. I am looking forward to the minis-especially Adagio!

  5. Very cool I need to start collecting eq minis

  6. The yarn hair looks fun to braid. And I think AJ looks the best in plush form.
    Wish Adagio were available, urgh. (And that Aria had been done too.) Dx

  7. lots of merch together, I feel so miserable :\ I'll wait to Hasbrotoyshop release. prices will be lower.