Store Finds: Plush, Lollipops, Stack'ems & More
This week we've got a very international store finds post with photos from the US, UK, Ireland, Singapore and Poland! We see a few first-time release merch as well as some merch that has now been confirmed to be available in other countries, so head on down and read all about it!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Singapore - More Hasbro Plush

MLP Hasbro Plush Singapore Store FindMLP Hasbro Plush Singapore Store Find
In our last Store Finds post we already reported on the Hasbro plush in Singapore, but we now have a confirmation for more types being available at Toys"R"Us. (Thanks to Starshine)
MLP Hasbro Plush Singapore Store FindMLP Hasbro Plush Singapore Store FindMLP Hasbro Plush Singapore Store Find

US - Pop-Ups Lollipop

MLP Pop-Ups LollipopsMLP Pop-Ups Lollipops
Flix candy (the same manufacturer from the Jelly Bean Easter Eggs) is on a roll and released a new MLP candy product: Pop-Ups. They're only $1 at WalMart and apart from the lollipop you can of course keep the figure in your collection. At this time only the regular trio (Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle) are available. (Thanks to MaKayla)

UK - New Fash'ems Stack'ems

MLP Tech4Kids Fashems Stackems UK Store Find
Over in the UK you can now get the Fash'ems Stack'ems in stores too. We already knew they were available online, but this is the first in-store find from the UK. We heard from one find in the US, but nobody has sent any images to us from outside the UK yet. (Thanks to Chloe)

Poland - Books With Magazine Figures

Egmont Books With Pinkie Pie Magazine FigureEgmont Books With Pinkie Pie Magazine Figure
Egmont has started to re-release some of their magazine figures as a freebie with some of their MLP character books. While the molds are still the same they did add glitter to the manes and tails. (Thanks to Martyna)
Egmont Books With Rarity Magazine FigureEgmont Books With Rarity Magazine Figure

Egmont Books With Twilight Sparkle Magazine FigureEgmont Books With Twilight Sparkle Magazine Figure

Egmont Books With Fluttershy Magazine Figure

Ireland - Royal Friendships Set

MLP Royal Friendships Set Ireland Store Find
I'm not sure how well the release of the new reboot series is going in Ireland, but we at least know that this set is now available at Tesco. (Thanks to Ciara)


  1. Hey MaKayla - In what part of Walmart did you find the new candy? Is it in the Easter section of the store or is there a candy aisle? Thanks!!

    1. I personally saw those lollipops near the register where all the candies are, at the bottom

    2. Yes, they are on the register isles!

  2. thye fashems stackems have been available for around the last month but have only been able to find them in toys r us so far

    1. The stack'ems are available in the USA, because I went to a target and saw them in the trading card isle.