MLP The Movie Wave 21 Blind Bags Bag
ToyWiz has listed the 21th wave of Blind Bags alongside images of the packaging. As you can see this wave will be centered around the movie and also be part again of a Friendship is Magic Collection. We already saw some blind bags during the NY Toy Fair this year but some of them have now also appeared on several Asian sites like Taobao and AliExpress. I've included images of some new figures below We hope to get the full line-up for this wave soon in terms of images but the description has a list of ponies who will be includes. This set will ship this June.


Item description: 

Celebrate friendship and fun with pony favorites at the Friendship Festival! Inspired by the characters from My Little Pony the Movie, these pony packs have a fun surprise inside. Each bag has an adorable pony for creating exciting stories with fun friends from Equestria. Collecting more pony figures means more stories to create. Which pony is waiting inside? Find out! Look for all 24: Savvy Saddles, Moon Dancer, Trenderhoof, Svengallop, Royal Guard, Sapphire Joy, Crystal Beau, Elbow Grease, Ivory Rook, Fleur De Verre, Braeburn, Apple Jack, Apple Bumpkin, Perfect Pie, Granny Smith, Sassaflash, Spring Melody, Orange Swirl, Blue Buck, Fleetfoot, Aunt Orange, Dane Tee Dove, Diamond Cutter, and Mosely Orange.
There are 24 different pony figures to collect Pony figure is included in each bag Friendship Festival theme
MLP The Movie Wave 21 Blind Bags Box

Loose Blind Bags

MLP Wave 21 Blind Bags
MLP Royal Guard Wave 21 Blind BagMLP Trenderhoof Wave 21 Blind Bag


  1. Can't help but notice Sassy Saddles on the packaging. I wonder if this means she'll have some role in the film.

    1. Probably a cameo. I don't expect her to speak but she might appear at the Friendship Festival at the beginning of the movie in the background.

    2. They don't even have the new ear shape and are only airbrushed old vectors so it is doubtful.

  2. I'm guessing the glitter"y" Gaurd and Trenderhoof are the chase figures (along with a few more?) this wave.

  3. Guessing "Savvy" is just a misspelling of Sassy. ;) I'm a fan of her and can't wait to get her. Also love Sassaflash, Perfect Pie, Aunt & Mosely Orange, and like Fleetfoot, Sapphire Joy, Moondancer, Trenderhoof, Fleur de Verre, & Orange Swirl. Of course, I've already got many of them.
    I wish Coloratura were in there instead of Svengallop, hahah.

  4. There are quite a few that I want, but I think the one I want most is that guard.

  5. I can't wait for wave 21 blind bags to come out
    I especially want trender hoof and the Royal guard