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Last week we asked you how you're managing spoilers for MLP The Movie. By far most people don't care about spoilers and take in as much information about the movie as possible. Surprisingly over 25% of the participants says they didn't see any spoilers yet (that's quite impressive!). Another big group of 35 people is trying to avoid them, but still saw some spoilers in the past months. Surprisingly enough 13 people say they didn't even know about the movie (they must be joking... the news is everywhere!).

This week we'd like to know what type of Funko Figures you prefer to collect. While they're not producing as many figures as in the early days they still have quite a range of figures to collect. So please let us know what type of figure you prefer in the poll below!
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  1. I like the Mystery Minis--nicer size (especially for those of us who've collected a LOT of things) and very on-model sculpts...though what I DON'T like about them is the "blind box"-ness. Ugh, NO WAY! I want to buy the one(s) of my choice, for less than the bigger ones! Dx

  2. I know I may be asking for the impossible at this point, but I'm still hoping we'll see those larger Chrysalis and Nightmare Moon vinyl figures someday. Those prototypes looked awesome and it's a shame we weren't able to see them get finished.