My Little Pony New Rarity Brushable
Some new Brushables have appeared on AliExpress. First off lets talk about the Princess Cadance one who has the same gimmicks as the Celestia and Luna we spotted earlier. Brushables of the mane six with these gimmicks are part of the Party Friends Friendship Festival Pack from Toys'R'Us so it's very likely Cadance and the other Princesses will join that line as well. Now the interesting brushables are those of some members of the Mane Six. As you can see they all got some kind of accessory painted on. By doing some inspection I recognize Applejack and Pinkie Pie's ones from their Pirate Outfits. Maybe they are from the same line as Tempest Shadow. Target has only a Fashion Style Pack released so far. Perhaps there is more?

Do you recognize any of the painted accessories? Please feel free to speculate! We hope to provide you guys soon with more info.
My Little Pony New Applejack BrushableMy Little Pony New Pinkie Pie Brushable

My Little Pony New Rarity BrushableMy Little Pony New Princess Cadance Brushable


  1. These ponies are getting cuter and cuter. Rarity is adorable.

  2. aj has freckles

  3. I love Rarity's ear decorations - So cute!!!

  4. I'm still waiting on the FiM Collection Rarity themed toys. The boutique is the only one out there but the rest of em is like they've been in a delay.

  5. So when are they coming to stores worldwide?