Storm King and Grubber Fan Series Statue Now on Amazon
Great news for both fans of the upcoming MLP Movie and collectible statues: The Storm King and Grubber figure from the Fan Series can now be ordered on Amazon! While it's technically a pre-order, the release date is set for August 1st, which is just 4 more days.
This tall statue of Storm King really shows his dark character with transparent lines of thunder around his arms and staff. He's accompanied by his, much smaller, sidekick Grubber.
The set can be ordered for $29.99 on Amazon and can also be shipped to some other countries.

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Prepare Canterlot for capture! Loud, angry, and a little crazy, Storm King is the iron-fisted ruler of all lands south of Equestria with his sights set on expansion. Inspired by My Little Pony the Movie, this Storm King figure and his sidekick, the hedgehog soldier, Grubber, are poised for battle. Fans can imagine good-versus-evil scenes from the movie or create their own with the Storm King and his friend!

Storm King and Grubber Fan Series Statue Now on Amazon


  1. I found them available at the game stop, just fresh out from a package! It was worth it.

    1. I also found him at GameStop!