Target Releases Magic of Everypony Roundup Blind Bag Set
At first we thought it was just the name of a set, but Target is getting a full line-up of exclusive figures under the name of Magic of Everypony. At a Target in California this blind bags set was found which bears the name Magic of Everypony: Roundup, which features a total of 10 blind bags.
The three princesses have a pearl finish and all use the Princess Cadance blind bag mold. The mane 6 also have their usual molds, but do have an updated eye design. The real new figure here is Tempest Shadow, who got a different look from her Friendship is Magic Collection counterpart.
The set is available for $19.99 and is, just like the whole Magic of Everypony series, only available at Target.
Thanks to 759Silver for the photo!


  1. Will this blind bag set be Alva able in other Target stores soon?

  2. Is it just the photo quality, or is Cadance grey?

    1. Cadenza is gray. I bought the set.

  3. are there any known defects? For some reason Luna won't stand up on her own and I have to prop her against Celestia.