Possible MLP The Movie My Busy Book Figures Spotted
Back in July we posted about various new MLP The Movie books that got announced, and we had particular interest in the new My Busy Book that's coming out. Why? The book includes 12 figures! The only problem with the original My Busy Book figures was the quality: misformed molds, runny paint and weird facial choices made this book to a potential top-seller into something hilarious, in a bad way. What might have made it even worse is the fact that Asian bootleggers were in love with these figures and created tons and tons of copies, available on every online marketplace.
Possible MLP The Movie My Busy Book Figures Spotted

Now, two images of 12 My Little Pony The Movie characters were found online which, with 90% certainty, are of the new My Bust Book figures. Included characters are Tempest Shadow, Songbird Serenade, Storm King, Grubber, Boyle, Princess Skystar, Queen Novo, Capper, Captain Celaeno and Twilight Sparkle. There are also two seaponies which I do not recognize.

The first image shows some really nicely created figures with eye for detail and a good paint job, much better than the original figures!
However, the second image shows the same figures in a worse state, and there could be two explanations for that:
1. The second image shows bootleg copies of the (unreleased) figures
2. The first image shows renders or perfect figures, the second image showing the actual figures
I personally hope that it's the first explanation, but I might be hoping for some good My Busy Book figures too hard. In any way we'll have to wait for September 1 before the book is out and we'll finally see the end result!
Thanks to pony_toy_news for the info!


  1. Wow the Songbird Serenade Figure in the second image looks terrible!

  2. That dose not look like grubber or songbird serenade!

  3. you think that's bad, look at the storm king!!! his legs!!!!!!!!

  4. I think that this is a big time miss on the busy books part. They could have made half ways decent figures but these look like junk! And why only twilight? Why not the mane 6? I just think these look bad.

  5. The sea ponies are the only figures that look decently painted.

    1. Yes I wouldn't mind having those

  6. The paint job is shit on both Pictures...