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The Ultimate My Little Pony the Movie Merchandise Guide
My Little Pony is back on the silver screen! After 7 seasons it's time for the first movie in My Little Pony's Friendship is Magic series, hitting theaters on October 6th.
And with this release in mind, we from decided to compile all the Movie Merchandise that's available in one ultimate post. This ranges from figures and plush to costumes, books and even collectible figures.

In the post below you'll be able to find all information on official toys and merchandise, including some information, images and where to get them.
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Possible MLP The Movie My Busy Book Figures Spotted
Back in July we posted about various new MLP The Movie books that got announced, and we had particular interest in the new My Busy Book that's coming out. Why? The book includes 12 figures! The only problem with the original My Busy Book figures was the quality: misformed molds, runny paint and weird facial choices made this book to a potential top-seller into something hilarious, in a bad way. What might have made it even worse is the fact that Asian bootleggers were in love with these figures and created tons and tons of copies, available on every online marketplace.

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Closer Look at the Applejack and Boyle GoH Good vs Evil Figures
Around 2 weeks ago we first saw official stock images of the Applejack and Boyle pirate figures, which are going to be part of a new Guardians of Harmony Good vs Evil line. BigBadToyStore went a step further and released a series of close-up photos of the figures, showing more details of the two. The release date is still set for very late July / beginning of August, though.

MLP The Movie Guardians of Harmony Swashbuckler Pirate AirshipMLP The Movie Guardians of Harmony Swashbuckler Pirate Airship
Images have arrive of 5 upcoming Guardians of Harmony sets, themed after My Little Pony the Movie. From the sets we've at least seen the "Swashbuckler Pirate Airship" and Good vs. Evil sets at Abrin Toy Fair earlier this year. The two regular figures are brand new.
Starting with the airship, which comes with a unique Rainbow Dash figure, plenty of accessories and rotatable wings. There is also a storage spot on the top for your all the pirate loot. Sadly this set is marked as a Walmart exclusive, so getting your hands on this set might get difficult.

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Entertainment Earth Lists Tons of New Movie Stuff
Entertainment Earth has listed quite a lot of new My Little Pony the Movie items. We get a look at some new Friendship is Magic Collection sets as well as Guardians of Harmony and a lot of cuddly plush. Without further ado, lets talk about them shall we? According to Entertainment Earth they will ship out this July/August. None of the listings has images as of yet, but we'll report on that as soon as they're updated.