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My Little Pony the Movie new Friendship Packs on Entertainment Earth
About a month ago Entertainment Earth had listed some new items for the movie. Along them was also a listing for three new Friendship Packs with the following combos: Pinkie Pie and Princess Skystar, Twilight Sparkle and Songbird Serenade and Capper Dapperpaws with Rarity. Entertainment Earth has now updated the listing with an image!

So the first thing we see is that Princess Skystar is actually a Hippogriff in this set! I actually kinda thought about this listing when we first spotted her and it's funny to see my thought where true. Songbird Serenade also gets a new non-Target release and we also get a look at Capper Dapperpaws which looks pretty good. All we have to do now is wait for some high quality images. We'll notify you when we find them. These sets are expected to be released this October.

You can find the listing here!

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