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Series 5 My Little Pony Squishy Pops
A big update is coming to the My Little Pony line by Basic Fun (formerly Tech 4 Kids), who have announced new Fashems and Squishy Pops this week, featuring brand new designs. They even start their first exclusive partnership for a line of Fashems.

For Squishy Pops they introduced a new 5th series with 4 versions of each mane 6 pony: a pony, seapony, crystal pony and crystal seapony version, resulting in 24 collectible figures. The detailing on the regular ponies is different from the first Squishy Pops wave, so by the looks of it there will be no re-releases in this wave.
Series 8 My Little Pony Fashems
And the Fashems will get two new waves: a second MLP The Movie set (series 8) and one exclusively for Claire's. Within the movie set we'll see the return of seapony Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle and new are seapony Applejack and pirate versions of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.
Series 9 My Little Pony Fashems - Claire's ExclusiveSeries 9 My Little Pony Fashems - Claire's Exclusive
The Claire's exclusive line, which we'll call series 9 for now, will feature the same figures as series 6, but with added glitter. So far they've only revealed Pinkie Pie in detail, hence the lack of images in our database.

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