Store Finds: Twilight & Tempest GoH, Seaponies & South America Figures
Notice we didn't put '& more' in the title? Yes, while everyone is shopping for holiday gifts, the amount of new releases in stores is at an all time low. In the past 2 weeks the below 3 finds have reached us, but hopefully we'll quickly see news on the 2018 merch line!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Twilight & Tempest Guardians of Harmony Statue Available

Twilight & Tempest Guardians of Harmony Statue AvailableTwilight & Tempest Guardians of Harmony Statue Available
I bet a lot of you were waiting for this news, but it's finally official: The incredible Twilight Sparkle & Tempest Shadow statue from the Guardians of Harmony Fan Series line is out! These were spotted in ThinkGeek and GameStop stores for $19.99 each, but the stock was quite limited so far. So if your local store does not have these at the moment, you might need to wait for a second run of stock.
(Thanks to Lauryn)

UK - Wave 2 Glitter and Style Seapony Brushables

Wave 2 Glitter and Style Seapony Brushables
A quick update from the UK this week, with the release of wave 2 Glitter and Style Seapony (Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash & Rarity) brushables at Sainsburys. These figures are rather large (fashion style-ish) and have beautiful eyes with depth-effect that makes them look real!
(Thanks to Sophie)

South America - New Line of Figures in Books + Tins

New Line of Figures in Books + TinsNew Line of Figures in Books + Tins
In Argentine and Peru this brand new line of books and accompanying figures, released by Luppa, have started to pop-up in stores. The first edition, with a Twilight Sparkle figure, also includes a Tin to store all 12 figures in. Those 12 figures are a rather classic set of ponies: the mane 6, princesses, Spike, Cheerilee and Zecora.
The included books have support for an additional AR app, with which you can make the ponies walk around in 3D. Everything added up makes this quite the set to complete, both in items and cost, as the first pack with Twilight, the first book and tin is reported to cost the equivalent of US$15.
The company Luppa is actually located in Spain, so it's possible that these figures and books will see a wider release (Europe & US) in 2018. Even if these may never reach your local bookstore, detailed images of all figures are available below:
(Thanks to Discordlordofchaos and Robert)


  1. I need that Luna!!! She has to come to US

  2. Yay the Tempest & Twilight toy is here!

  3. Hey! there is a rainbow dash train figure at McDonald's this month you can add to other figures. It's in North America.

  4. Also, maybe add the McDonald's Masks to other figures even if they are not figures I want to check off something on my checklist.

  5. That GOH set of Twilight and Tempest Shadow looks pretty cool. :)

  6. Tempest and Twilight GOH is currently on the Walmart website.