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Last week we asked you about your plans for collection My Little Pony merch after G4 ends and G4 would start. Overall the collectors are relatively positive, with 34% going to continue and 54% will await whether they like the new generation or not. 9% would put their MLP collecting days to an end and 4% is keeping G5 as an option to actually start their collection.

This week we'd like to know whether you're in favor of the painted on clothing that we're going to see a lot of in the near feature with the School of Friendship outfit brushables. If you'd like to express your thoughts a bit more, feel free to leave a comment below this post!
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  1. I might be interested if they made an effort with the designs, but the way that they only print on the outside of the model makes the effect really hideous with the slightest turn, and see the "clothing" cut off half way across the legs. They still can't even be bothered to print cutie marks on both sides of the body though, so I'm not holding my breath.

  2. Agree, they look very lazily and unattractively done. I guess the kids they're really made for may not mind too much (although Idk, I might have.) ;p
    And by now they would need to do a character that super-interests me and whom I don't already have on something somewhere/in some form.

  3. Well for me,i prefer to avoid them

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  5. Well, I don't like the painted clothes, but I can remove it. I'm interested in the newG4 body for the CMCrusaders, so I'm plaining to get those 3 and clean their bodies. About Satarlight G, well I already have her in her new g4 form so I'm avoiding her school of friendship version.