My Little Pony Equestria Girls Minis Applejack Rarity Snack Creations
Entertainment Earth has listed some new items! A while ago Amazon listed the stock images for the Theme Pars Singles, but now Entertainment Earth listed the larger packs. (which we already spotted during the NY Toy Fair) There are two packs in total: The First one is Applejack Snack Creations which features Applejack with carnival themed snacks such as Caramel Appels (never had one...) pizza and more! The second one is Rarity's Costume Creations and features Rarity with carnival-like costumes such as hats and mask.
They are $19.99 on Entertainment Earth which include both sets.

 Have the listing below + an Amazon one.
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    1. It's kinda sad that Applejack won't get a single pack doll with her regular outfit :/

    2. Love the rarity one 💕💕