Welcome back to our yearly megapost on everything My Little Pony at the New York Toy Fair, which started last weekend. This year the My Little Pony stand differed quite a lot from the previous year, as there's almost no mention of MLP The Movie anymore, while it's only a few months after the release in theaters. Instead the focus for this year is cute & chibi: Cutie Mark Crew figures, cute plush and Equestria Girls Minis vinyls will see their debut this year, as well as the continuation of the Equestria Girls reboot. In the brushables department we see the first merch for the new season pop-up, plenty of fashion style ponies and the release of new molded mane figures.
As mentioned in previous editions, we were not able to attend the toy fair ourselves, and are using photos of people that shared them online. All photo credits can be found at the bottom of the post.

Note: Some announcements contain spoilers for season 8 characters and themes. If you do not wish to read any spoilers for the upcoming season, please skip the brushables section.
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We start with a brand new set called the Ultimate Equestria Collection which contains the whole mane-six including Spike and the three princesses. They all come in the 6-inches tall Reboot Series Fashion Style mold. Oh, and the thing that makes this set so interesting in particular is that it’s the first time we see a Brushable of Luna in her dark blue colors. Let’s hope more will follow soon.

Quickly jumping over to another line of Fashion Styles: Snap On Fashions. Right now we only saw Rainbow Dash in her (awesome) gala dress, but Twilight Sparkle was already confirmed in the production description.

For the holidays Hasbro is introducing the Best Gift Ever line of glittery pearl-coated ponies. In the brushables depertment we'll get to see a mane 6 collection, as well as a set with Princess Cadance, Shining Armor and Baby Flurry Heart.

Other recurring brushables on display include the second wave of Glitter Celebration princess with Princess Luna and Princess Twilight Sparkle.

In case you didn't see the announcement yet, a new side-line of brushables called 'Silly Looks' is going to be a new line of feature figures in 2018. With a press on their cutie mark the ponies pull off a silly face and then return back to normal. Rainbow Dash can stick out her tongue and Pinkie Pie can look surprised.

The big gimmick pony for this year will be the singing Rainbow Dash figure. She comes with a built-in speaker to sing either 5 songs alone, or you can use the microphone to sing songs with her. A related release can be found this year in the form of talking Twilight Sparkle and Rarity figures. They won't come with a microphone, but have over 25 phrases to compensate for that! And finally we'll also see a second swimming seapony in the form of Twilight Sparkle.

The large playset for this year is The Twilight Sparkle’s Magical School of Friendship where she and her friends will teach others about the magic of friendship. The playset itself is filled with several gimmick’s like light, sound and comes with a lot of accessories. The only character included in this set is Twilight Sparkle, though.

Another set, which is part of the season 8 related series, is Pinkie Pie's Beats & Treats. A two-sided playset featuring a music classroom (which interacts with instruments to create music) and a bakery on the other side.

Finally, we'll get to see some smaller sets fror season 8 with the Rainbow Dash & Sandbar two-pack, as well as a new Starlight Glimmer brushable. Not shown, but not to be forgotten, is another two-pack with Fluttershy & Silverstream.

Equestria Girls

Last year it was the brushables line that got a mayor re-release, this year that's going to be the Equestria Girls line, hence the attention that Hasbro gave them on the fair. We already wrote loads of posts about the first line of "reboot dolls", which are now available in stores, but of course Hasbro is already looking forward with more waves of dolls and themes.

Coming up are at least three themed lines: Friendship Power, Friendship Party and So Many Styles. The Friendship Power line features dolls with light-up effects when you press on their shirt, but these do not come with a lot of articulation.
More movement is included with the Friendship Party set, that comes with the mane 6 and Sunset Shimmer with glitter dresses in one large collection.
And finally we'll get to see the "So Many Styles" set, featuring mix-and-match outfits and even better pose-ability with articulated elbows.

Equestria Girls Minis

While Equestria Girls is going to get a lot of attention from Hasbro this year, the minis are certainly not forgotten! Aside from the new Equestrian Land themed figures and playsets we'll get to see even smaller Equestria Girls Minis figures in the form of the vinyl series.

Fans of fun fairs will certainly dig the upcoming Equestria Girls Minis line this year with the Equestrian Land theme. Bumper cars, cotton candy and game stalls will all be available this year, accompanied with the complete mane 6, Sunset Shimmer and some duplicates from the mane 6. Though, this is just the first wave, more characters might be coming later this year (as many of you might be hoping).

The Equestria Girls Minis vinyl figures only had a small stand on the New York Toy Fair, together with some EqG-themed gear and accessories. No further figures or packaging was shown sadly.

Cutie Mark Crew

By now most people are probably already up-to-date with the Cutie Mark Crew series, but if you''re not: The Cutie Mark Crew figures are small chibi figures of ponies, seaponies and Equestria Girls figures. They're about the size of blind bags and will be released as both open 5-packs and blind bag packs. Included, beside the character itself, is a little accessory and a cylinder that can be used has a small container for the figure.
At the convention the Cutie Mark Crew figures were on a nice color-sorted display, but no new figures have been spotted.

Blind Bags

With the announcement of the Cutie Mark Crew figures there was one big question in all blind bag collectors heard: are these going to replace the usual blind bag figures? Luckily for them the answer is no, as the  Best Gift Ever line will not only focus on pearl-coated brushables, but a new blind bag wave as well. While the term 'bags' is no longer accurate for these, they will use the same molds and be on the same price level (whereas the Cutie Mark Crew figures are priced a bit higher). The wave is a feast of recognizable characters and some mold changes, especially when looking at Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Pinkie Pie.


Hasbro's line of My Little Pony plush rapidly grew over the past year, and their focus clearly hasn't shifted when we look at the large display in NY.
We're seeing a lot of expression ponies, as well as a new plush for the three princesses. We're not sure if the mane 6 ponies on the lower ring are new, as they look pretty close to the current 12" range.
Of course the more chibi designs are also present on the stand, with the clip-on keychain and bobbles plush. Though, only the bobbles are currently of interest, as this is the first time we see the designs of all mane 6 ponies outside of promo shots.

Other Hasbro Merch

We technically don't have a name for these yet, but we'll just call them both molded mane and vinyl figures for now. They look pretty close to the original Funko vinyl figures, though they're a bit smaller. We already knew about the 6-pack release for these figures, but at the toy fair Hasbro confirmed loose packaging for each pony as well.

Last year we saw the sudden news of Fidget Its, Hasbro's multi-license take on the (then) popular fidget toys, but they somewhat missed the hype. By the looks of it Hasbro is still looking at options to create a brand that includes multiple of their licenses with the re-release of Mighty Muggs. These collectible figures have spinning faces, and by tapping on the head a new expression will appear on their face. Right now Star Wars and Marvel is slowly rolling out in stores, and as seen on the toy fair My Little Pony and Transformers will follow soon.

Basic Fun

While most eyes were looking at Funko in the past years, it's now Basic Fun that has most of the licensed announcements at the NY Toy Fair. While the name is new to the MLP scene, they do own Tech4Kids (Fash'ems, etc.) and also The Bridge Direct (35th anniversary re-releases).

First off, Basic Fun is releasing more waves of the Fash'ems and Stack'ems, as well as a new line of Mash Mallows, which we wrote about before, but now we get to see way more characters that are part of the first wave. In regard to the Fash'ems we'll see some more characters this year, line Nightmare Moon, Celestia and Cheerilee, and the same goes for the second Stack'ems series, that also has some additional translucent designs.

Another announcement that was on display at the toy fair, was the 3rd & 4th wave of 35th Anniversary G1 re-release ponies. Scented ponies will be introduced in these waves and new ponies include Skydancer, Parasol, Starshine and yes: Firefly! While it was rumored that the Pretty Parlor Playset isn't going in to production, it was on display at the NY Toy Fair, giving some hope for a re-launch later this year.

Other Brands

A small update from Radz: After their earlier large Radz candy dispensers, a new line is coming up with much smaller designs and cute faces. Aside from the dispenser and some candy a mini-poster is included in each blind bag as well.

The inclusion of seaponies in MLP The Movie was the perfect combination for Blankie Tails to partner up with Hasbro, and the first results of this were shown at the Toy Fair in the form of seapony tails of Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. By the looks of the ad they'll get embroidered cutie marks, as well as a glitter covered fin. Overall the design looks pretty detailed, and not just a plain blanket in the form of a tail.

Photo Credits
We'd like to thank all the people and sites below for their photos of the New York Toy Fair:
Hasbro (Brushables, Equestria Girls & Cutie Mark Crew) 
bizarro_toys (Basic Fun & Blankie Tails)
sweet_bitterness88 (Basic Fun)
littlemissnonam (Basic Fun & Radz)
3decades3kids (Plush)
thedollcircle (Cutie Mark Crew)
rmcabana (Cutie Mark Crew)
Bleedingcool (Blind Bags, Cutie Mark Crew & Equestria Girls Minis)
The Toy Insider (Equestria Girls)
Juegos Juguetes (Brushables, Molded Mane / Vinyl & Equestria Girls Minis)
Mu Review (Mighty Muggs)
Hi Def Ninja (Brushables)


  1. Good thing they aren't replacing the original mlp blind bags
    But a new wave in blind boxes and I'm planning on getting wave 2
    G1 35th anniversary ponies I want g1 twilight g1 medley and g1 firefly and I'm not planning on getting any cutie mark crew blind bags due to higher prices I'm planing to stick to the original mlp g4 blind bags and I'm not planning on getting the rebooted eq girls dolls but I'm looking forward to all the new mlp toys for 2018 this year.

  2. As I mentioned before, my priorities would be:

    -Equestria Girls series (Normal and Minis)
    -Cutie Mark Crew series
    -Ultimate Equestria Collection and Fashion Styles: Snap On Fashions
    -Plushes and Best Gift Ever!!
    -and everything else (after buying the above, XD )

    Well, but first two things: save money and, please, arrive to Mexico soon; still I waiting for Equestria Girls Minis Mix n' mix and the "reboot" series..., oh well

  3. Love Sunset's spiky boots. And hope I'll be able to get Sandbar on eBay.
    The Cutie Mark Crew ones seem to be based directly on the mini LPS guys who sit inside little accessories or foods or whatever.

    The Funko-esque figures are nice, but too late...I've honestly had enough of the mane six, heheh. Got 'em as brushables/McDonald's figures, blind bags, plushes...and they're of course plastered all over pony everything, so. Yeah.

    I'll just say it: "Stack'ems" are shameless "Tsum-Tsum" copies. While I appreciate stackability, I do not find the highly-simplified beans-with-character-faces-on-the-front appealing.
    And I still don't understand the name "Fash'em?" What is "fash?" Is that a verb? O_o Not as if they're fashionable or something.

  4. I only plan on buying the Equestria Girls minis, The Best Gift Ever sets (even though I already have plenty of variations of the Mane 6), and anything Starlight Glimmer. Honestly though, most of my money is going towards Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom merch this year. : D

  5. cutie mark crew is looking forword!!!!!!!!!1


  7. Wow this year mlp merchandise sucks.. the only thing I'm looking forward to is the G1 mlp figures.

  8. Haven't seen any of the new G1 ponies in stores yet. Hopefully soon. Same with the new Equestria girl minis. Haven't seen any new ones in stores since the rainbow rocks line.

    My main question is, however, did anyone who went to Toyfair notice if the 12" Rarity plush on the bottom corner is wall-eyed? I have to know. Anything with that "looking over the shoulder" eye is cursed if it's a hasbro product. They only *very recently* got it right in the blind bags. That only took actual years. But the brushables are still wall-eyed. And the FiM collection. And everything else. Lol.

  9. Was anything discussed/revealed on more Guardians of Harmony pose able figures being produced?

    1. nope. Neither the Friendship is Magic collection.

  10. I'm sure you would have mentioned it, but was there anything from Build A Bear? It seems conspicuous by it's absence.

  11. Looking forward to the G1s. That'll knock quite a few off my wishlist and nab me two of my childhood ponies. :3