Store Finds: Equestria Girls & Pirate Ponies at Walmart
A bit of an odd store finds post this time, as all stuff that we cover in this post aren't actually new. Why cover them in a store finds post anyway? Well, Walmart got a huge restock of items that were either hardly available, of only in select stores. Perhaps some of this is old news, but if you're missing some of these figures it could just be the update you need.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Equestria Girls Reboot Dolls

The first update is from the world of Equestria Girls, as the first line of reboot dolls is now available at Walmart. Until now most dolls were found at TRU, Target and Amazon. All dolls are available (as seen in the photos) for $9.88 each.
(Thanks to Samantha and articulatedsailor)

US - Equestria Girls Minis Sets

Secondly, these two Equestria Girls Minis Sets, Trendy Accessories Shop and Fruit Smoothies Shop, can be found at Walmart too. They're from the previous EqG Minis line 'Mall Collection', but were not often seen in stores.
(Thanks to Breyer600)

US - Pirate Ponies Collection

And finally we see a re-stock of the Pirate Ponies Collection that's exclusive to Walmart. It was available in 2017 around the time of MLP the Movie, but if my information is correct it was not always in stock. The set features the complete Mane 6 and is available for $29.88.
(Thanks to m g)


  1. I've also seen Stratus Skyranger in several skeletons of toys R uses in Ohio because some stores are still open.

    1. He's at the 99 cents store lol

  2. Sadly my local Wal-Mart hasn't restocked on Pony Merch since March. :( They restock Transformers every week but no love for MLP/EG. Hoping they'll fix this soon but I'm getting tired of waiting. Jealous of those with compitent stores

  3. My little girl and ubsearched for months for celaeno's set and never found one in the wild. Went to ebay and got a decent deal in one so we are both happy! Just wish they made a rarity!

  4. I may sound a bit nitpicky but it seems that the EqG dolls box art had a little change, the logo changed position from the top to the bottom