Are There Codes to Identify Cutie Mark Crew Blind Packs?
Since a few days the Cutie Mark Crew blind packs are starting to appear in shops around the world. In the US both Target and Walmart have them in stock, and we've got reports from the UK, mainland Europe and various countries in Asia too. Since these are the replacement for the blind bag waves we've gotten tons of requests about identifying figures without opening the capsules.
Luckily we've found some blind packs here on our holiday in Austria, so it's time for a bit of research!

My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew Wrapper Codes
Let's start with what's all printed on the packaging. On the cardboard wrapper there's the usual warnings and barcode, but there is one variable printed here: a 5-digit code. Sadly this code is not going to help us here, as this is the production code that's printed on basically all Hasbro figures and boxes. Multiple figures are produced on the same day, and some figures could have multiple runs, so we'll skip this number for now.
Also mentioned on the packaging, right under the barcode, is the region code. In our case this is EU4, but according to photos this code is not included in sets from the US and Singapore.

My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew Bottom CodesMy Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew Bottom Codes
On to the capsule itself, we can see some information pressed into the plastic on the bottom. Here we have the same type of production code (although this usually 2-14 days earlier than the wrapper), and a slightly hidden number next to the copyright. The problem with this code is that only the numbers 1 to 4 are present, which is not going to provide us enough information to identify the character. We did however see that the code could be printed in the same orientation as the copyright, or inverted. This still leaves us with duplicates when looking at the 24-figure set.

My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew Capsule Edges
Another difference between the capsules is the shape. There are currently 3 different types as seen in our Cutie Mark Crew database. Without opening the capsules you are able to feel the shapes through the cardboard, but it's prone to errors. With our capsules there was another hint on the shape: the height of the edges on the bottom. When compared next to each other it's visible the the heart shape is taller than the other ones, and the capsule with multiple curves on the top is the shortest.

On Twitter, Instagram and Facebook we asked our readers to submit information about the capsules that they found. We compiled all information we received, and while it seems to have a pattern in the European sets, this was not confirmed to be 100% certain. When looking at data from the US we saw up to 3 different numbers for most of the figures, which only alerts us that just the single digit is not going to help. Furthermore, the combination with the single digit and production code is not unique either. Even when including the production code on the cardboard wrapper there were too many duplicates and varieties to conclude a safe test.

Below is the data that we collected from various sources (thanks to everyone who submitted their info!). Using this information is at your own risk and does not guarantee the figure specified below!
My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew Code Findings
(Click to zoom in)
Conclusion: On the outside of the Cutie Mark Crew package there is no clear code present which indicates what figure is inside. The combination of capsule production code + number + shape could give a hint on the figure that's inside, but only lowers down the chance to 1/4 at best. The only certain difference, that's the same globally, is the shape of the container, giving you a 1/8 chance of getting the figure you're looking for.
If you're hunting down a certain figure and don't want to take the gamble you can always browse the listings for Cutie Mark Crew on eBay.

If you'd like to contribute and see if we can fine-tune this list (and perhaps find a pattern in the data), feel free to send us the following information: Country of purchase, 5-digit code, single digit code (+ orientation) and the included figure.


  1. Has anyone been looking to see if the layouts are all the same?

  2. So if I try to get a 'curves' one, there's a good chance I won't get an EQG figure, right? I know it sounds petty, but I don't like EQG at all and this is what's been putting me off buying any.

  3. Blind bags are very anti-consumer :(

  4. Well, even it seems a good tip, if that does not guarantee what kind of character you could get, then, well, in any case, for me, it's not interesting, especially because both Ponies, SeaPonies and Equestria Girls, are all my favorites

  5. Sweden, 81081, 3, DJ Pon-3

  6. The Numbers are Useless, the shapes are the only way to narrow them down, 9 Seeds, 8 Hearts and 7 Bows.

    Of Series 1, only 7 Characters are exclusive to the set of 24, everything else can be found in sets. 6 If you Don't want a Glittery DJ-Pon3.

    You are going to get a lot of Mane 6 Duplicates, in fact the Ponies are not the real collectables, there accessory, Stand, Poster, and the Container are more important than the Mane 6. The only Mane 6 character that is Exclusive to the Blind Packs is Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie.

    Cheerilee - Seed
    Derpy - Heart
    DJ Pon3 "Sparkly" - Bow (None Sparkly Version available in Series 2 5-Pack)
    Pinkie Pie Equestria Girls - Bow (Currently the only Mane 6 exclusive to the Blind Packs)
    Princess Cadance - Bow (She is in Series 2 but what she looks like is unknown)
    Shining Armor - Seed
    Sunset Shimmer - Bow (She is in Series 2 but what she looks like is unknown)

  7. I bought three capsules today (Poland) and this is what I have:


  8. I bought 2 capsules today at Walmart in the US.
    81081, 4 (upside down, middle right corner from 5-digit code), Rainbowdash pony
    80961, 4 (right side up, middle right corner from 5-digit code), Rainbowdash EG

    I was looking for Fluttershy figured.

    1. Correction to my post, the 81081 figure was a Rainbowdash seapony

    2. I just got Fluttershy. 81271 with a 3. No idea if that helps

  9. i bought a nearly full display pack, and got one of everything minus 5 figures, so im pretty sure its just like the blind bag minis were you get the full set if you can buy a new package, will be having one ordered so i can open it completely fresh to retest

    the good thing for me is... i was able to id each one and put the packaging back on without damaging anything

  10. Can you please provide us the list?

  11. Hot tip, you can just slide the cardboard/plastic sleeve up the tube to check the character through the opening then slide it back down without damaging anything. This is how I got all the ponies I wanted with no doubles or mistakes. *shrug*

  12. 81591, Heart Shaped, 1: Sparkly Cadence

    81762, Curves, 2: Pinkie Seapony

    81651, Mixed, 2: Derpy

    81641, Heart, 1: Applejack E.G.

    81701, Heart, 3: Twilight E.G.

    81661, Mixed, 2: Pinkie Seapony

    These were purchased at a Wal-Mart in the US. Plan on getting more tomorrow and compiling my list. Will update.

    1. Hello, I truly wish this was positive. Our Granddaughter is very upset by one of your line of "My Little Pony" (C-029A). It has No Eyes, it has glasses/goggles,but no visible eyes. Do you have a storyline we can tell her to explain this ? First thing in the morning she goes to the collection she is building, and then she has her breakfast "with a friend", we only let her have one at the table. We really need a little help here . She stayed upset all day, I expect more tomorrow. We only have her on the weekends any help you can give us old folks will truly be appreciated .
      The Sherwoods (Big & small)

    2. That's a problem that she has so eyes but glasses or what?