Store Finds: Principal Twilight Sparkle, Collection Pack & More
It's been a little while since our last Store Finds post, mainly due to the large project that we're working on for MLP Merch (be sure to mark October 1st on your calendar!), but that doesn't mean there's nothing new in stores! Well, actually, we didn't get a lot of reports the past few weeks, so the post isn't too large, though we did hear from Sweden and Germany again this time.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Sweden - Principal Twilight Sparkle

Starting with the Swedish release of Principal Twilight Sparkle! After Mexico this is the second country that we got a report from, which includes the country where it was supposed to be a Walmart-exclusive: the US. If anyone did find her in any other country, please do let us know.
This particular figure was bought at Ica Maxi, a supermarket chain in Sweden.
(Thanks to Therese)

US - Twilight Sparkle Ornament at Hallmark

We're within 3 months of all the December festivities, and the first new ornaments are already starting to pop up! The honor for first release of 2018 goes to Hallmark this year, who have this new Twilight Sparkle in their arrangement. In contrast to the earlier ornament of her she got a new opaque mold and she lost her Christmas-hat. Pinkie Pie, who was released together with Rainbow Dash last year, is also back in stock.
(Thanks to Matt's Little Pony)

Germany - Purse Pet Care Set

Over in Germany this Purse Pet Care set with Fluttershy has been found at Spiele Max. I'm not sure if the Rarity set is also in stock, but it's very likely to be combined with this one.
(Thanks to Marcus)

US - School of Friendship Collection Pack Photoset

And to finish this relatively short post we end with a big photoset of the School of Friendship Collection Pack. With thanks to Samantha for always sending us this detailed array of photos to get a better view at the sets that people might not own yet. As mentioned in the earlier post, this Walmart-exclusive set is available in stores and online for $49.88.
(Thanks to Samantha)


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  2. I still can't find the "My Little Pony Cruising Cutie Mark Crusaders" set in ebay, but I found it on Amazon. Fortunately it cost a fortune, and I don't know why. I'm expecting to wait if the price will go low $29 and under.