Store Finds: Series 2 Cutie Mark Crew, Single Brushables & Much More
Another compilation of Store Finds that we received in the past weeks! We've got some big announcements, like the Series 2 Cutie Mark Crew blind packs, as well as plenty of smaller releases from the US, Mexico, The Netherlands, France and Australia.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - School of Friendship Singles

The first wave of single brushables from the School of Friendship series is now available in Walmart stores. You can get Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Trixie and Twilight Sparkle, all decorated with beautiful glitter designs, for $4.88 each.
(Thanks to Samantha)

Mexico - Series 2 Cutie Mark Crew

A big scoop from Mexico this week with the first non-European in-store finds of the Cutie Mark Crew Series 2 blind packs! We've only just released a post about stock photos, and yet in Mexico these are already available on the shelves at Bodega AurrerĂ¡. Also found there were the Cutie Mark Crew S2 multi-packs and a new Hasbro plush assortment. This was all accompanied by new My Little Pony winter theme across the aisle.
(Thanks to Sakura)

The Netherlands - Brand New & Older Finds

During our shopping trips we usually don't find anything new, but the last two weeks we did see some interesting new (and old) stuff. Starting with the new releases: the School of Friendship singles and Series 2 Cutie Mark Crew multi-packs that we talked about above are found in The Netherlands too! It's usually a matter of weeks or moths before mainland Europe gets to see new stuff like this, so we were absolutely surprised to find them so soon. Both sets were found at Intertoys.
Other stuff that we found were the Wonderbolts Guardians of Harmony set at Kruidvat for €7,99. Something else that's available at Kruidvat (though not in shops) is the Storm King & Grubber set for just €3,99!
And over at Big Bazar we spotted the scratch POP's of Princess Luna and Princess Cadance as well as FiM Collection singles from the Rarity series.
(Thanks to our own Ilona)

Australia - Gala Dress Rainbow Dash Re-Release

According to our database stats we see that 33 people have this Rainbow Dash Styling Size pony in their wishlist, but only 1 person has it in their collection. This might change soon as we just heard that a re-release of the Gala Dress Rainbow Dash has arrived in Australia. She's got the same accessories as before, but in stead of My Little Pony the Movie, the box now simple reads MLP:FiM as with most releases this year. Expect this set to pop-up in more countries and stores later this year.
(Thanks to Brighde)

France - Series 1 Cutie Mark Crew Blind Packs

We can now confirm that the first series of Cutie Mark Crew blind packs is available in France, as is the case in more and more European countries. This photo was taken at a Leclerc store where they were sold for €3,89 each.
(Thanks to lovehana33)

US - Huge Random Merch Update

We've received a lot of updates from Store Finds regular Rana this week, of which we've compiled a list of items and stores below to make it all a bit more readable. There's some amazing stuff here, including Rainbow Dash pajamas, cute puzzles and a reversible pillowcase with MLP the Movie designs!
We even managed to stick a video of the birthday card from Hy-vee in here!
Reversible Pillowcase @ Target
Drinking cup with MLP the Movie design @ Dollar Tree
48-piece puzzles @ Dollar Tree
Birthday candle set @ Meijer
Drinking cup with FiM design @ Meijer
14" bouncing ball @ CVS
Rainbow Dash winter hat @ Target
Show Robe (children sizes) @ Target
Rainbow Dash pajamas (children sizes) @ Target
Post card with hair clip @ Hallmark
Birthday post card @ Hy-vee
(Thanks to Rana)


  1. Seems like a lack of EG merch. I was at my local target and I couldn't find any Equestria Girls products. And the latest Target toy catalog doesn't have any either. And even the pony merch is greatly reduced. Bad sign?

    1. Nah. Theres just been a delay getting the next wave of Equestria Girls minis out for some reason. Target & Wal-Mart should get more of the new MLP merch as the Holidays get closer though however.

  2. I have the robe and onesie. I love the robe, very soft

  3. How can I get those single Rarity pack figures? I don't ever remember having the chance to buy them here and I'd still really like to add them to my collection. ;_;