My Little Pony Apple Bloom Cutie Mark Crew Figure
A few days ago we reported about new upcoming Cutie Mark Crew figures appearing on Taobao including Smolder, Lotus Blossum and more. The seller has now listed a new character to join the line: Apple Bloom! And just look at her, doesn't she looks absolutely adorable? That big head and small eyes and her cute little bow!

Alongside Apple Bloom several others were also listed including Daring Do, Seapony Silverstream, another image of the Brushable Rarity but now with a Statue of Liberty Hat. The brushable ones sure do look better when they are wearing a hat. And at last a new version of Princess Luna with a white streak in her mane.

Note that items bought of Taobao may show some flaws like chipped paint or in Silverstream's case: Some bad stains. This is because these are all rejected figures. Often people collect these at the factory to try to sell them anyway. Sometimes the error is minimal and is barely visible at all!

What do you think of the new ones? I'm curious about Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle!

My Little Pony Princess Luna Cutie Mark Crew FigureMy Little Pony Brushable Rarity Cutie Mark Crew Figure

My Little Pony Seapony Silverstream Cutie Mark Crew FigureMy Little Pony Daring Do Cutie Mark Crew Figure


  1. Does anyone have any links to these figures? I find navigating Taobao difficult!

    1. The figures above are sold out, so they won't show up on the page, but this is their original listing:


  2. Every time I follow a link to Taobao it redirects me to an error page... :( I think I need to sign in, but I can't read enough Chinese to make an account. How does everyone else navigate it?