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My Little Pony and Transformer Figures Now at Burger King
After a very long pause Burger King once again features My Little Pony and Transformer toys in their King Jr meals! Four brand new figures of both brands are available, but of course we'll focus on the My Little Pony figures here.
Featured are Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity, who all have a different mold or feature: Pinkie Pie laughs, Rainbow Dash can roll forward, Twilight Sparkle has articulated wings and tail and Rarity comes with a removable cape.
The figures all come with molded manes and tails, but are not molded completely solid. As seen on the photos the legs are hollow.

From reports that we saw all 4 figures are available at the moment within the US and Canada, but it differs from store to store which are included with the meals at that time. We've also heard of restaurants that did not offer any MLP figures yet, even after the official launch date. Information on releases in other countries are not yet known.

Thanks to Archooves, Victor, Jessie and Alex for the info!

Burger King Releases New Figures in Brazil
Aside from the small set in 2013, MLP toys tied in with fast food kid menu's was mainly a monopoly for McDonalds, with a new set about every year. But it has come to our attention that Burger King in Brazil now has DIY My Little Pony figures! The set contains 3 ponies again, but this time it's Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle. The figures are pre-built, but contain loose stickers you can apply yourself. I don't really get why they did that, as the stickers are usually the thing that requires the most precision (and potentially messes up the figure if done wrong), and seems like a 'cheap' release rather than a real DIY kit.
As usual the figures are combined with a set of Transformers figures. It's unsure at the moment whether these figures will be released outside Brazil. We'll keep you posted!
Credits to Icarix Ace for the photos!