Store Finds: Reveal the Magic, Dollar Tree, Mini Bows & More
It's been a while since our latest store finds post! Big reason behind this is the lower amount of merch in stores than ever (at least, based on what we see), but we managed to save up enough recent stuff that it's worthy of a new post.
We've got more Reveal the Magic figures, lots of stuff at Dollar Tree, redesigned Radz figures and more!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Potion Surprise Batch 1B Also at Walmart

If you're shopping at Walmart you can no longer be sure of only finding the Batch 1A of Potion Surprise figures, as the other half of the set has also been found on the shelves.
Also found there is the Potion Dress-Up Pinkie Pie, which we didn't see in the initial launch.
(Thanks to SLPhotos & Alex)

US - New Stuff at Dollar Tree

Fans of stickers and glitter should visit their local Dollar Tree: for just a dollar you can get this set of 4 sticker rolls with over 150 stickers. Additionally you can score a jumbo eraser with a common vector image and at least 3 variants of the magic towel.
Also found there, are the single blind bag figures from the Rainbow Road Trip series! I'm not 100% sure, but I think these weren't very common in other stores back in 2019.
(Thanks to MaKayla & Matt's Little Pony)

US - Mini Bows Blind Bags at Target

Bulls-i-Toy released a new set of blind bags at Target this year, but they aren't figures this time: the collectibles are small colorful bows, 24 of them even! The colors are somewhat My Little Pony-style, and there's a little logo sewed on to them, but other than that there's no My Little Pony print of character on them. Two bows are included in each pack, which is sold for $4.99 each.
(Thanks to Rana)

US - Easter Stock at Walmart

Walmart prepares for Easter, and one of the items now available is this PopUps Easter egg, containing 2 lollipops and a Pinkie Pie holder.
If you're looking for a bit more variety, you can get the $5.98 Easter basket at Walmart, filled with 30 stickers, a bubble blower, 3 pieces of jumbo chalk and a Pinkie Pie ball. It's bundled by Megatoys, who I assume make more Easter baskets, but their site hasn't been updated since 2011.
(Thanks to Victor & Samantha)

US - New Designs for My Little Pony Radz

Somewhere last year Radz re-released the My Little Pony candy containers they originally released back in 2015. As the figures now prove, this isn't just a re-release, but a re-design as well as the Super Saiyan hair is replaced by something that better matches the actual manes of the ponies.
I'm not sure where these are offered, but there are listings on Amazon for them.
(Thanks to Jessie)


  1. I have the same single blind bag ponies from dollar tree
    I have rarity rainbow dash Fluttershy and Apple Jack now I just need pinkie pie and twilight sparkle to complete this collection

  2. Some Dollar Trees also have the "Best Present Ever" blind boxes.