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New Fashion Squad 7-Pack Listed on Entertainment Earth
When new Equestria Girls Fashion Squad packs are about to be released, we noticed that Entertainment Earth is commonly the quickest with releasing official images and opening pre-orders. Today is no exception, with the announcement of a Fashion Squad 7-pack featuring the complete Mane 6 and Sunset Shimmer (or the EqG Mane 7, if you will).

All figures come with their own outfit, consisting of a top, bottoms (mostly skirts), boots and a handbag or accessory. I especially love the look of the coffee cup of Fluttershy, and does Applejack carry a red beer mug around, or is she holding her handbag sideways?
And if you don't like the style on one pony, just change it around! Even on the promo image Rarity is borrowing Fluttershy's skirt and Applejack has switched leg wear with Rainbow Dash.

The set is available somewhere in May, and pre-orders for $39.99 can be placed right now on Entertainment Earth. We saw that it's also listed on Amazon, but it's only a pre-listing without further info.
If you're planning to get this set later, you can now add the figures to your personal wishlist in our Equestria Girls Database!

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