Colored Concept of Sunset Shimmer Bishoujo Shared by Kotobukiya
After the initial designs of the mane 6 bishoujo statues, Kotobukiya announced earlier this year that they would additionally work on a Sunset Shimmer statue, due to popular demand.
After nearly 3 months we finally got the confirmation that the Sunset Shimmer project has continued and we can now lay our eyes on the colored concept art for this upcoming statue. While it was already expected, we can now see that she's indeed rocking her original outfit with a purple top, leather jacket, orange skirt and boots. And she's accompanied by her pony form, who's posing like she's ready for action.
As seen on the poster, it takes some time to design and finalize this figure as it was not part of their original line up, and thus the release date is still TBD. When more info becomes available on a release date or pre-orders, we'll be sure to post about it here!


  1. Sunset Shimmer? Seriously?
    I was hoping to get a bishoujo statue of the Great and Powerful Trixie, but certainly not Sunset Shimmer. Yeesh.

    1. Sunset Shimmer is a protagonist, and one who commonly appears in human form. Trixie is just a supporting character who comes by every so often. It's more appropriate to have a Sunset statue than a Trixie one.

      Also Trixie is overrated and annoying, in my opinion.