My Little Pony x Ghostbusters, Transformers & Power Ranger Crossovers Coming
The news is coming at great speed again, and today we have some very exciting news! Hasbro is known for occasionally bundling brands or licenses together and release My Little Pony themed board games from time to time. But now, they're going a step further than that.
For their Transformers brand and the recently acquired Ghostbusters & Power Rangers licenses, we're going to see an official Crossover Collection this year!

A listing for this got briefly posted on Amazon UK, but has now been removed or hidden. Luckily a Swedish crwaler site picked up the full description (seen below), and thanks to that we've got the details on what will be part of this collection.
For this line, or first wave, we'll see at least 3 figures:
  • My Little Pony X Ghostbusters Crossover Collection Plasmane
  • My Little Pony X Transformers Crossover Collection My Little Prime
  • My Little Pony X Power Rangers Crossover Collection Morphin Pink Pony
Only a listing for the MLP X Ghostbusters Plasmane figure was saved, and this was priced at 211kr (or $21.44), but that might be incorrect as early Amazon listings usually don't have the MSRP yet.

While the SDCC will not take place (at least physically), it's still possible that these figures will be promoted as some sort of collectors exclusive, possibly through Hasbro's Pulse website. Seeing as these cross-over figures might be a smaller niche than regular figures, it's doubted whether these will be released on store shelves.

Nevertheless, this listing is certainly an interesting development, and we'll be on the look-out for more news on these figures.
Fandoms collide when My Little Pony meets Ghostbusters for a crossover toy CUTIE MARKS AND ECTO-PLASM Crossover Collection Plasmane is an exciting character mashup 4 5-inch figure has a retro My Little Pony form factor with Ghostbusters-inspired design CLASSIC GHOSTBUSTERS MOVIE-INSPIRED PONY Design and Cutie Mark are inspired by the iconic Ghostbusters story Collect a favorite Ghostbusters look in a fresh and different form factor COLLECT AND DISPLAY Figure is a great way for fans of the My Little Pony or Ghostbusters brand to complete their collections Display your figure in the special packaging Ages 4 and up BUILD YOUR COLLECTION Start a collection with Transformers My Little Prime and Power Rangers Morphin Pink Pony My Little Pony figures
(Each sold separately Subject to availability)
Manufacturer: Hasbro