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ToysRUs Gets Exclusive Monopoly Junior Re-Release
My Little Pony has had it's own Monopoly Junior game for ages, and the latest release is already over 1.5 years old. Now, a new listing has just revealed that the board game is getting a re-release under the Friendship Festival brand, which is exclusive to Toys"R"Us.
Thew new board game will have a My Little Pony The Movie-themed update regarding the graphics, but all locations, markers and figures are still the same as the earlier version. Only the money and cards did get a little update, but none of this is much exciting if you already own the previous version.
Right now only Toys"R"Us Canada has it listed for C$24.99.

Store Finds: Seapony Fashems, Mystery Posters & More
We're back with a new store finds post, as we try to get at least one out every week. This time we have some exclusive news on the 7th Fashems series, a Songbird Serenade costume and more from across the US! Of course we're interested to hear from everyone, so no matter where you're located, feel free to send in any new stuff you find!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

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Hasbro Releases Pinkie Pie Edition Pie Face Game
If there's one company known for combining brands and licenses, it must be Hasbro. Board games, Rubik's Cubes and even complete brands have themed up with My Little Pony in the past.
Something they didn't create a My Little Pony version of yet, was Pie Face. This game of luck and faces full of whipped cream has been around for ages, but was recently revived. Now more and more version are being release, including one for Pinkie Pie (who else?). Overall the concept is the same as with all other versions, but the face frame is based on Pinkie Pie and the spinner and base have a pink-ish theme as well.
One thing to notice, is that this game is only to be released by Toys"R"Us under their Friendship Festival line of exclusive merch. And it's up on their website right now for $19.99.
Thanks to Macy for the heads-up!

Tip for the fans: Check our list of MLP the Movie merch on Amazon for more movie merch!

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Hasbro is known for combining popular franchises with their line of games, like monopoly and connect 4. But what about their Rubik's Crew line? No problem must have been the thought in Hasbro's gaming division when they came up with this rather bizarre Pinkie Pie figure.
The puzzle itself is a 2x2 Rubik's Cube in the shape of Pinkie Pie's head, including facial details and her mane, and the body is a loose display stand. It won't be the hardest Rubik's Cube to solve, but it's a fun challenge for starters or a neat MLP collectible.
No release date or price information has been given yet, but a similar figure from Transformers is available at around $12 to $15, so expect this to retail at the same level. And as the packaging mentions MLP The Movie we guess this figure will be available before or around the movie opens in theaters.

MLP Monopoly Junior by Hasbro Gaming
 A website called Wind Designs has listed a new version of the MLP Monopoly Junior. Instead of custom MLP Figures these are actually all Blind Bags. Probably because this version is made by Hasbro herself instead of USAopoly. Several of them have been spotted on Taobao like Pinkie and Ossie and I were kinda discussing if they could be part of Wave 16 but it turns out that the Pinkie one will be part of this game together with the Twilight Sparkle one.

The description says it will be released around the 16th of July.

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MLP Rainbow Dash Yahtzee Game
She's already available on Amazon but you can now also order her on the Hot Topic Website. I'm talking about the brand new MLP Yahtzee game. You can order it now for $29.50.

MLP Rainbow Dash Yahtzee Game - $29.50

Take flight with the adventurous Rainbow Dash and America's #1 dice game, Yahtzee! Roll the custom dice (featuring your favorite cutie marks) to land classic combinations like full house, straight, or five of a kind for the high-scoring Yahtzee!

MLP Rainbow Dash Yahtzee GameMLP Rainbow Dash Yahtzee Game

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Image of Final Yahtzee Rainbow Dash Design
Earlier this month we posted that the Yahtzee Rainbow Dash is available at Amazon, but just wanted to share a little more: a photo of the actual box and figure, to give you an idea of what the Rainbow Dash figure looks like (most other listings use renders). As you can see the box is mirrored to what the render shows and Rainbow Dash is looking forward, rather than looking down and the colors of her mane have shifted a little bit as well. Besides that the figure looks pretty much the same as the final renders. The image comes from Entertainment Earth, who still have the figure on pre-order for September, while Amazon has the Yahtzee game already available for the same price.

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MLP Rainbow Dash Yahtzee Game
I played Yahtzee with Ossie and some friends last weekend. It's fun but most of the time it's just a matter of luck. Anyway it seems like the MLP Yahtzee game is now available on Amazon and ready to be ordered. You can order it for $29.99

My Little Pony Yahtzee Game 

  • Great collectible for My Little Pony fans!
  • Fun family game
  • Easy to learn and quick to play
Take flight with the adventurous Rainbow Dash and America's #1 dice game, Yahtzee! Roll the custom dice (featuring your favorite cutie marks) to land classic combinations like full house, straight, or five of a kind for the high-scoring Yahtzee!.

Current MLP Amazon Sales
Every now and then we create a compilation of all sales on Amazon, and we though it was time for another one. Currently loads of products are on sale and we've collected 65 of them, with discount up to 65%. Heads on down to all the listings and their price drop, categorized by merch type. Happy shopping!

My Little Pony Yahtzee Final Design
USAopoly has shared the final design images of the My Little Pony Yahtzee game with retailers. After some prototype images of Rainbow Dash (first, second), this is what she will look like. This Yahtzee game will be another combination of two Hasbro brands, just like Monopoly and Game of Life for example.
The Yahtzee game will contain the above shown Rainbow Dash dice shaker and 5 custom My Little Pony dice featuring the mane 6's cutie marks.
The game will be available early August, and can be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth for $29.99.