My Little Pony Reveal the Magic Unicorn Party Celebration Set
A Russian website called detmir has listed a new item: The Unicorn Party Celebration Set. This set features a total of 10 blind bag-sized characters including the first G4.5 releases for Derpy/Muffins and Mrs. Cake. Other ponies included are the Mane Six, Princess Cadance and Starlight Glimmer. Each pony is also decorated with a frosting design, topped with some confetti for some. The description also mentions the new Cutie Mark Crew Unicorn Party Present Set which means this "line" will contain both Blind Bags and CMC Figures. (That's not gonna be confusing at all in our database haha)
Have the translated description below.

Unicorn parties are the funniest in Equestria! In this holiday collection you will find 10 My Little Pony figures. Each pony has an exclusive mane and tail design inspired by iced sweets and colorful sprinkles! Great packaging in the form of a cake makes this collection an ideal gift for kids from 3 years and older. Inside you will find Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy and other favorite characters of the cartoon “My Little Pony”.
Look also for My Little Pony's Hat and Unicorn Party Gift to have a fun party! Each set is sold separately.
Aside from that no other information is known such as a release date or price. I would guess it will be between $20 - 25 USD. So what do you think of this set? I like the new rearing poses even it's a bit...weird.
Thanks a lot to Tomo for the heads-up!
My Little Pony Reveal the Magic Unicorn Party Celebration Set


  1. Those back legs still freak me out and whats up with the „rearing“ poses for pinkie and Mrs Cake?

    I will not be getting any Pony Life toys until they stop being fugly.

  2. That rearing pose is... Somethin' else...

  3. Why is Derpy... Not Derpy? Hmmmmmm