Cutie Mark Crew Unicorn Party Present and Party Hat Listings Found
Quick follow-up on yesterday's post about the new Cutie Mark Crew figures as the official packaging has been found that features the glittery mane figures! It will not be a 7th series, but a separate release called Unicorn Party Present and covers all figures we posted about yesterday with glitter in their mane: the mane 6, the 3 princesses, Muffins, Trixie and DJ Pon-3.

Aside from the figures you get some translucent accessories to go with the ponies, and this all comes in a rather unique box. Inside the packaging several interiors can be found to pose your ponies in.
The packaging mentions '16 surprises', but it's unknown whether all the ponies count as surprises too, or whether more accessories are included than pictured below.

The Unicorn Party Present is available on a Taiwanese website for the equivalent of about $34. Seeing as mystery packs would go for $2.99 retail, it seems to be an average deal.

Additionally a somewhat mysterious Unicorn Party Hat (pictured below) was listed on the same website. The packaging doesn't give us much information, but shows Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie that are, arguably, somewhat translucent. So there's a chance that these will contain the translucent ponies that were spotted yesterday.
However, the listing describes that only 2 figures are included. The party hat is listed at $9.50, which sounds a bit much for just 2 figures. So maybe the description is an error and it does include all 5 ponies.

Thanks to Tomo for the heads-up!
Cutie Mark Crew Unicorn Party Present and Party Hat Listings FoundCutie Mark Crew Unicorn Party Present and Party Hat Listings Found


  1. I'm not a big fan of Cutie Mark Crew or Pony Life but I have to admit, the new eye design really fits the CMC aesthetic and art style. In fact, I'd say they look even cuter than the originals! I actually WANT to buy the set with the Mane 6 + others because they look adorable! My only nitpick is that Derpy's eyes aren't...y'know, derped. But I'm willing to overlook that, I'm glad she was included in the first place.

  2. definitely something I'll have to keep an eye out for!