Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles MLP Figures + Apparel REVIEW

One of the most popular post from this year was the announcement of the My Little Pony figures in the Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles line back in august. With many thanks to Mighty Jaxx we received a box with all items in the line-up, including the apparel, so we can give you a thorough review of this unique My Little Pony merch series.

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The Figures

We've received a complete box with a total of twelve boxes. The packaging is made of high quality cardboard and each blind box also has a holographic sticker on the bottom as proof of authenticity and mentions the original designer for these figures: Jason Freeny. Inside the box you'll get a 4" (10cm) tall figure wrapped in white foil, a card mentioning the character which wrapped separately in silver foil. Keep in mind that the character on the card is the same one as the figure included. Besides that, a 'Fr. Verfied' card is also included, which we'll come back to later in this review.

The figures included for Series 1 are Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle. There are also chase figures present with a translucent Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle with a 1/24 ratio and a Wonderbolt Rainbow Dash with an 1/48 ratio.
Upon opening the white bag you'll get a pink heart stand to go with your figure and of course the figure itself. The figure is safely secured in a molded plastic case which perfectly protects the figure from breaking. This is a huge plus, especially compared to the Funko Mystery Mini's which have a bad reputation of breaking during transport for example.
Now onto the figures themselves. We've managed to get all nine of them and they all look absolutely gorgeous and unique. I enjoy the fact that when viewing them from one side, they'll look like totally normal ponies but when you turn them around you'll get the x-ray side, so when you have a double you can display them next to one another, each showing a different side. The paint job is excellent, with perhaps a small exception for the lines on the manes which can be a tiny bit sloppy, but nothing that would ruin these figures. (Still, I really like that they even painted those.) What's also interesting is that they have different colors for their skeletons too. For example, the color of Applejack's skeleton is much warmer than that of Pinkie Pie. 
Included in this series are also three chase figures. We managed to get all three of them. First up we have the "enchanted" Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle. Their sculpts are the same as their normal versions but their bodies are completely transparent with glitter on the outside. While I really like these two I would have loved it even more if the x-ray part was a bit more visible. Since the whole body is basically the same color with these, the skeleton-effect is weaker than with the regular ones. Nevertheless these two are really cool and unique compared to the other ones, and I especially love the shade of color Fluttershy is. 
The Ultra Rare figure for this series is the Wonderbolt Rainbow Dash. Just like Fluttershy and Twilight her mold is the same as the normal one. But this version shows her rocking a Wonderbolt costume including her glasses. The outfit itself is painted with a nice metallic blue paint that looks really pretty, and I like how the glasses are also present on her x-ray side. 
Included with each figure is also a stand with pegs shaped to display the character included. The stand itself is simple yet elegant and suits the whole My Little Pony theme. The only downside to these is that sometimes the figures were kinda hard to fit on them. We often had cases where the figure wasn't as secured as we wanted with as a result that they sometimes popped-off their stand as we moved them. This wasn't the case with all of them though and overall the stands do what they're supposed to do.

Below we've included some shots of the figures themselves with different angles visible.

And as mentioned: the box is labeled as "Series One". We're very curious to see if this line continues with a second series, and what figures will be present!

Note: For this review we received a box that contains all individual figures. It's not a guarantee that chase figures have the same ratio in other boxes.

The Apparel

Not only did we get a complete box of figures, we also got a second box with clothing items from the My Little Pony Hidden Dissectibles line. When opening the box we directly saw that this wasn't just some cheap stuff. All items were individually packed air-tight and the box was also topped with bubble wrap to not shake things up too much during shipping.

Upon opening that thought was confirmed as there was no chemical smell that you sometimes get from printed items, and the material of the shirts is seriously soft. The colors of all items are also very bright, especially on the cap (which is a bit too colorful for our personal tastes). Checking the sizes they appear to be sized a bit more towards American sizes than European, so while they fitted us, they were a little large. Do note that the shirts vary in length: the Pinkie Pie and Rarity shirts have a classic fit, Twilight Sparkle's shirt is oversized and the Fluttershy one could even be worn as a dress.

Aside from the soft shirts, there was also a coach jacket. It's not too thick, so be sure to not wear in the winter, but with the elastic cuffs it should keep you warm when a shirt isn't enough, even with a bit of wind outside. While the jacket is almost evenly black on the front, except from the small embroidery, the rainbow on the back is quite bold. This also counts for the shirts, and for some of them it could have been pretty to have the back be the print on the front in our opinion! We didn't wash them yet, but we strongly recommend you to check the washing instructions in order to keep the prints in perfect condition.

And then we also have the socks: these are also made from a very soft material. While the photos might not do it justice, the Twilight Sparkle socks are dark blue/purple that's very mysterious to look at. The Rainbow Dash socks are very bright in contrast and all colored sections of both sets look properly stitched.

All items have one of the dissected Mane 6 embroidered on. These are only 2 inches tall, so you won't get all face details exactly right, but as you can see in the photos they're very nicely done. The shirts and jacket also have a print on the back, and these are printed really sharp!

In summary: The items in this line are of above-average quality and a have lovely feel. While the front of the shirts and jackets have a pretty tame look, the back of those is in most cases the eye-catcher (this is also something to consider if you don't like too expressive clothing). The jacket is a nice addition to any shirt in this line (especially with the white Rarity shirt). The cap is decent, but not really our style, however the socks are perfect!

Forreal Verified

With every piece of clothing, and in every figure box is a card that mentions Fr. Verified. This turns out the be a very clever technique to ensure that your item is genuine. In the base of all figures is a small NFC chip (just like Amiibo) that can be read with the Mighty Jaxx app. If the item is legit and you're the first owner, you can add them to your account and receive a digital certificate of authenticity. This is the case for clothing as well, where the shirts and cap have a separate tag, and the socks come with an NFC-keychain that can be scanned.

Want to trade or sell your merch including the certificate of authenticity? You can! In the app you can also transfer ownership to someone else. Just make sure you do that before you ship the item, as you need to scan the tag in order to change ownership.

And that's our review! We hope that you enjoyed all the photos and got a better view of what the items in this line are like. Again, we'd like to thank Mighty Jaxx to ship these items to us!

Disclaimer: While we received the products written about in this review for free, we always aim at writing honest reviews that reflect our personal views and opinions. Nothing in this review was directed, written or required by the sponsor.


  1. Some new sculpted hair Cadance and Sunset Shimmer pony life figures were found. https://derpicdn.net/img/view/2020/10/27/2475708.jpg

  2. Thanks for the feedback! The figures are about 4" (or 10cm) tall - also added that to the post now :)