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2021 MLP Happy Meal Update: Twilight Sparkle Exists!

We've already written about the new 2021 My Little Pony toys in McDonald's Happy Meal that were released in several countries, but so far were missing only one pony from the mane 6: Twilight Sparkle.

For those who're chasing these figures and are hoping to complete the mane 6 we have good news: McDonald's in at least Croatia and Hungary feature a line-up of 6 My Little Pony and 6 Transformers figures, meaning that we're finally seeing a Twilight Sparkle figure as well.

And it's not just a render on a promotional image, as we've received a photo of an in-person Twilight Sparkle, with thanks to Alex!

At the moment we have no further information for more countries to feature the new My Little Pony Happy Meal toys, but you can always keep an eye out for listings on eBay. And while you're working on your collection, you can keep track of your progress in our MLP Merch Database.

2021 MLP Happy Meal Update: Twilight Sparkle Exists!

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